Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So, I have this weekly planner that I live by that is kept by the phone at all times. When the kids say or do something funny, I record it in there so that I will remember it. I used to have a calendar for each kid, but they were hard to keep handy enough to be able to jot things down really fast when they happened. I would find myself saying, "now what was I supposed to remember to write?" Thus...the use of the weekly planner for these little humerous tidbits arised. Lately, it seems all of my recordings are from Chase. Here are some of Chaser's antics...

At dinner, they have to ask to be excused before they can get down from the table. This is to cut down on the up and down, up and down, up and down throughout every meal. Aiden was in the highchair and the rest of us were sitting around the table at dinner. Chase all of a sudden said, "Mommy...Aiden say I'm excused." Now I could be wrong, but seeing as Aiden only uses small words one at a time, I doubt she took the liberty of excusing Chase.

Chase uses the term "very, very" to emphasize ANYTHING. For example..."It very, very hurts." Or, when he built a tall block tower the other day, "It's a very, very tower."

If you ask him a question that he is either unsure of, or doesn't want to answer...such as, "What did you do to your sister?"...he answers very politely, "I don't know. You tell me."

He either loves something or doesn't love something. "I love pizza." If it's something he does not want to eat, he'll say, "I don't love that."

Chase was pulling my good throw blanket, (which is off limits to kids) across the living room. I said, "No Chase. Don't pull my good blanket across the room." He held up the ninja turtle he was holding and said, "The ninja turtle did it."

Whenever he hurts something, he says kiss it mommy. Some areas I just don't particularly want to kiss. I'll pretend, or get close...but he always says "no...right here." the other day, he hurt his "bobbom." (that's what he calls it.) you get the drift!!

Little Chaser...one in a buzzilion!

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