Friday, February 09, 2007

Pout; Pout; Let it all Out

So, Chad has made up these versions of real songs that he sings to the kids in certain situations...which is really funny when you realize his vocal ability. He started when Colton was a baby, and the tradition has continued for Chase and Aiden. Whenever they are throwing a fit...he starts singing, "Pout; Pout...Let it all out...these are the things I can do without. (I believe this is from a Tears fo Fears song, if I am remembering correctly. It really goes, "shout, shout, let it all out...". Then if one of them has a "poopie", as we like to call it, he sings, "POOP, there it is...POOP, there it is." It really is quite funny. There are a couple more that I can't recall at the moment, and I'll spare you the words to read.

Speaking of pouting...Aiden has started throwing tantrums. Now, this is a first for me. Neither Colton or Chase were big tantrum throwers. I'm glad that she is my third, otherwise I would be less likely to just stare at her and laugh. It's not the tantrum itself that is so humerous, but the way that she throws it. She is very systematic in her tantrum throwing tactics. She is a pretty cautious individual...similar to Colton and the opposite of Chase. So, just hap-hazardly throwing herself on the floor is way too dangerous. She really doesn't want to hurt herself...her point is not that important to her, I guess. So, she very carefully gets on to the floor and slowly positions herself into the tantrum throwing position and then begins to kick and scream. It really is quite funny. The boys and I just watch her, and they kind of look at me with this, "is she serious?" look on their faces. She'll look up every now and then to see if we are watching. After I walk away, she gets up, dusts herself off, and comes to find me. Normally, it's over by this point. I'm waiting for it to happen in public. That should be fun.


amanda said...

Mindy, I could not help but laugh about Aiden and the tantrums. Samira is starting to experiment with this as well. She can be a true DIVA. :) Amanda

killerhawk said...

I didn't know chad was a singer/songwriter. Y'all should do a CD. It could sell millions.

Pout, Pout, Let It All Out
POOP! There it is.

Tastes So Good (from Hurts So Good - John Cougar - when trying to get someone to eat something they may not want to)

Don't Bring Me Frown (from Don't Bring Me Down - ELO - for someone who may have a bad attitude.
Don't bring me frown
No, no, no, no, no, ooh ooh
I'll tell you once more
And then I'll stomp on the floor
Don't bring me frown.

We Can Be Neat (from the Go Go's We Got The Beat - when dealing with a messy situation)

I Want You to Mind Me (from Cheap Tricks - I want you to want me)
I want you to mind me
I NEED you to ming me

You Can't Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones...just keep it the way it is. This was my dad's favorite to sing to us.)

Time To Get Up Now (from Men At Work's Who Can It Be Now)
Who can it be knockin' at my door
It's daddy, can't be sleepin no more.
Time to get up now.
Time to get up now.

I really think we could produce a CD like this and make millions. I mean...look at the freaking Wiggles!!

mindy clarkson said...

good ideas rick. i think you might be on to something. will you wear a purple shirt and pretend to sleep all the time? chad said he wanted to be the yellow one. we could call you the jiggles. i see it now...lights, cameras, sold out concerts, screaming children...GET READY KIDS...HERE COME THE JIGGLES! we could even have open casting calls for the 3rd and 4th jiggle!

Shannon Hayes said...

I don't think an open casting call is necessary...I mean, have you guys seen Stuart MOVE???