Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Soggy Fruit, College, and Strep Throat

Yesterday afternoon, I came home from running an errand for a friend of mine to Chad laying on the couch and children destroying the living room. He immediately said, "I don't feel good. I think I have fever." In my mind I was thinking, "Oh no...you are NOT getting sick again." I felt of him; said he was fine; and told him to look alive. So, I got busy making dinner and when I called everyone to dinner, Chad shows up in a hooded sweatshirt with the hood on and then preceeds to wrap himself up in a blanket. He says his throat hurts and that his body aches. I put my fork down and said, (in a somewhat huffy tone) "Do you want me to take your temperature?" He nods yes. I took it with an ear thermometer and it read 95.5. We both knew that it couldn't be accurate, but assumed he didn't have fever. We continued to eat and talk with the kids. We asked how Colton's day was at school and he said, "Not good." Here is how the conversation went...

Colton: kids at school said mean things to me.

Me: Like what?

Colton: Like I'm yucky.

Chad: Well, God made you...and God doesn't make anything yucky.

Colton: God makes soggy fruit.

Chad: silence...followed by "How do you argue with that?"

Then we were talking about money for some reason. Here's how that conversation went...

Chad: I'm trying to save for your college.

Colton: My college????

Chad: yeah.

Colton: Is that in like 4 years?

Chad: No...you have 12 years until college.

Colton: Will I have to read then?

Chad: It helps.

Chad went to the doctor this afternoon, and he has strep throat. I feel really bad about having him bathe the kids last night. Turns out, he did have fever. Poor guy.


killerhawk said...

I too have often marveled at the mystery of a perfect God creating soggy fruit.
I think you've got a little philosopher on your hands.

Anonymous said...