Saturday, March 03, 2007


This last week was one for the books. My friend Heather came to visit from Atlanta with her two girls...(one is 2 1/2 years old and one is 3 months). They were to arrive at 12:30 on Monday, and at 8:30 Sunday night, we noticed that Aiden had a fever. She had a fever virus. When they got here, Heather and Elli (2 1/2) had colds that had developed during traveling. Elli started coughing on the plane and proceeded to get worse throughout the week. She had a runny nose and a wet, chesty cough. 2 kids down...3 to go. Wednesday morning, I got Colton off to school and we started our day. Aiden was still not feeling good, and at 10:00, Chase layed down on the couch and asked me to come sit by him. As soon as I saw him, I knew. He had fever. Luckily, Heather was feeling better by this point, and I joked to her that I would be getting a call from the school saying that they had Colton in the nurses office with a fever, and at 1:00, that call came. He had a fever of 103. I went to pick him up and he and Chase slept the rest of the afternoon. Ava, (the 3 month old) had begun spitting up and having "bad" diapers at this point. Now, I don't do stomach viruses. She was on her own!! All 5 down. At this point, we decided to quarantine the house and set up beds in the living room. Heather then began feeling like she had fever and was going to "pass out". This was when I had multiple children in the bath tub, trying to bring down fevers, clean them, keep them occupied, etc. etc. etc. (At one point, I looked up and saw a sopping wet rag fly across the bathroom. Colton thought he could make it from the tub into my sink...a "basket" if you will.) I felt her forehead, said she was fine, and told her to look alive. Chad said that he did not feel good and that's when I sincerely wished that I had Haz Mat suits somewhere in the house. Somehow we managed to still have a really nice visit. They left on Friday morning, the fevers had passed and I came home and disenfected the house...door knobs, light switches, floors, and everything in between. Last night, my highschool basketball team was playing in the playoffs to go to the district championships. I was planning on taking Colton to the game with my dad. I went to get him dressed, and noticed he looked terrible. I felt of him and the fever was back. 102. So, medicine, bath, and pj's it was for all three of them...and off to bed. I was upset about missing the game, but figured Chad and I could eat dinner together and settle in for a night of 24 together. We had 2 episodes left on season 3. As soon as we sit down on the couch to watch, Aiden wakes up crying. OF COURSE!! We managed to get her back down and finished season 3, two seconds before Chase walked downstairs because he woke up and realized his blankie was missing...a nice finale to the week. Actually, the finale was when I came upon Chase trying to paint Aiden's toenails with bright pink nail polish. She just happened to be sitting on our nice lazy boy recliner. Needless to say, bright pink drips smeared down the front of the sage green chair is not the added touch to the living room that I was hoping for. And, the bright pink splotches on the carpet in front of the chair don't really help to tie it all together. I really need next week to get here, although Chad leaves for ukraine and I am on my own for 10 days. Let's change the subject to something more uplifting.

Lake won the game, and they play this afternoon at 4:00 for the district championship. If they win, they go to state. We are going to try to go, and then we will go straight to the Houston Rockets game tonight. I'll keep you posted.

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gosh, you make married with children sound so appealing. sign me up!!!!!!!!!