Saturday, March 10, 2007

Technical Difficulties, Weddings, and Fun Dip

Something's happening here. What it is, aint exactly clear. All of a sudden, I can't post pictures on the blog. Frustrating...because I had a picture that I was going to post for a friend. It was a picture of her daughter, and after I browse and select it and click upload, it pops up that I am not connected to the webpage. Weird. I have done everything I know to do, which is not much. Mainly just clicking on different things while pretending I know what I'm doing, only to get tired of the facade and make a mental note to ask Chad the next time he calls...whenever that will be. He can't call too often and I never know when that will be. And, it generally is not the best connection. And, half the time is spent letting the kids talk to him anyway. Oh well. Maybe pictures will just have to wait another 8 days until he gets home. On the upside, my mom is coming to stay with us tomorrow night...and then Chad's mom and sister and my 2 nieces will fly in...and then my best friend Ami and her husband Robbie will get here with their 3 girls. So, fun is definitely in the future. I went to a wedding this afternoon. Seeing as Chad was out of the country, I took my friend Ian. It was fun, and Chad appreciated him coming with me so that I didn't have to sit all by myself at the reception. I was going to take Colton, but then decided that it may be too "boring" for him. He would have appreciated the wedding cake however. But none the less, Ian and I had fun, and Colton had fun staying at Granna and Grandaddy's house with Chase and Aiden. So, I guess I'll retire to my post on the couch. I need to get out of this dress and into some comfy pj's and settle in for some good T.V. watching before bed. I have quit eating ice cream every night...due to just getting tired of it. It will come back around though. I just needed a little break. Now, I eat fun dip every night. I used to LOVE this stuff, when I was little. I re-discovered it a couple of weeks ago...along with pixie sticks, big league chew, and bubble tape. I have a huge ziplock stashed in the pantry that I go to nightly!! I gravitate toward the fun dip though. I just love it. I have not introduced the kids to it as I can not even begin to imagine the mess they would make. I need to be more mentally prepared for that than I am right now. Well, I hear the fun dip calling my name. As Chad would say..."I'm out."

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Scott J. Pearson said...


It was a pleasant surprise to hear from you. I actually Googled Chad's name a couple days ago to find out where you all were in life. It seems like you're in a good spot in Texas.

Life's going pretty busy with me, but all in all, very well. I went to seminary but came down with bipolar disorder in the middle of it. That was really hard as I basically lost my mind for a year. I'm on good meds now and am pretty much back to "normal." I was ambivalent about a ministry career in seminary and decided to go into a medical career instead. So I'm back at Clemson laboring through pre-med classes and working a research job with the university. I'm hoping to enter MUSC this fall, but I may have to wait one year. I'm also about to get married June 23 to a special education teacher in Seneca named Mel Muller. She's quite a woman.

Ask Chad to shoot me an email when he gets a chance. scottjpearson at mac dot com.

In Christ,