Thursday, April 19, 2007


You know it's bad when your almost 2 year old says to you, in a somewhat sing-songy voice, "Youuuu Whoooo," to get your attention. That, she's learned from her 4 year old brother. 4 year olds talk ALOT. Sometimes, as much as you don't want to, you begin to tune them out...especially late in the day...when the attention span is just not quite up to par. Several days ago, I started getting snapped back into reality by Chase with a far off "Youuu Whooo" that would get louder until I had returned from wherever I had been. Today, after Aiden began the "Youuu Whooo" form of getting my attention, I began to ask myself; one: why were they having to youu whoo me back and, two: where was I going to need youu whooing back from? It made me realize the place in my head that not too many know of. The dreamer place. In the dreamer place, really fun and amazing things happen. I began to make a list of the things that happen to me in the dreamer place. I needed to write them all down...because although a lot of them I know I will never do...some of them I could...and should...and will.

1. adopt a child
2. sing in a really cool band that plays really good music and has lots of fun
3. play serious guitar
4. win an olympic medal
5. act in a movie
6. snowboard
7. waterski and wakeboard in lake travis (again)
8. drink an apple martini
9. go on a missions trip to africa headed by bono
10. visit my brother in alaska
11. not worry
12. love God more than myself
13. take really great pictures
14. get a nose ring
15. fly a kite at the beach with the kids
16. take aiden to try on wedding dresses
17. hold chad's hand in the waiting room, awaiting the arrival of a grandchild
18. witness the miracle of hunger and poverty come to an end
19. see the Holy Lands
20. go to ireland
21. know my roots
22. go to hawaii with my husband and some really good friends
23. see chase and aiden give their hearts to Jesus
24. be a catalyst for the lost
25. be a voice-over for a big disney film
26. wear a tiara for a legitimant reason
27. be able to build cool things out of wood
28. watch out the window for each kid to come home from their first date, and then sit in the dark, over fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and talk about it for hours
29. own a horse named marble and be able to ride him, fast, whenever i wanted
30. see all of my lost friends found


Anonymous said...

What about a missions trip to Ukraine headed by Chad?

Anonymous said...

Your tiarra is the halo above your head given to you because you are such a great Mommy!(and daughter)

Anonymous said...

Oops, too many r's.

Keri said...

you know, reading over your list a couple of times, i realized i can probably help you reach a few of these:

1. i happen to be up for adoption and would love for someone to do my laundry and feed me.
2. this one freakishly i could help you with really quickly... as long as you have some gogo boots and lots of hairspray.
3. i own a couple of "player" guitars so all you have to do is hold them and look cool... maybe throw in a leg kick here or there.
4. I'll just give you my olympic medal.
5. all we need is a video camera.
6. snow boarding, huh? you know, i'm very familiar with vail. haha
7. the last time i went water skiing, the ski hit me in the head and i thought i was going to die, so you're on your own. i'll ride in the boat and tan, periodically giving you a thumbs up.
8. my attention span has left the building so these are all you get. at least for now. :)

GREAT blog by the way!

lindsey said...

ireland or hawaii? count us in! :)