Sunday, April 15, 2007

So, here's one...

I sort of told myself that I would never put poetry on this blog. I don't really know why...except because. Sometimes I find that nothing follows my because. I try to come up with a good sentence to follow, but I draw blanks. Because. That's all there is. Anyhow, this weekend, I have been in a very contemplative mood...mainly due to some good music and good conversation...which typically has that effect on me. I have not been able to get this poem/whatever you want to call it...(I'm sure all the timing is not accurate, nor the punctuation)...that I wrote so, so, so long ago, out of my head. I dug through my old journal tonight to find some of my favorites, from what seems like lifetimes ago, in some attempt to connect with myself...who I've been...who I am...who I am no longer...etc. etc. etc. Why was I so confused? Why am I still confused? The funny thing is, Chad asked me what I was doing and I told him. He said to read him one. I reluctantly read him this which he replied, "What's the title?" I said it did not have one. He titled it "Simple Things". Here it is:

Simple Things
She lie alone; just like every other night;
waiting and longing for the time when he has his arms around her. She's not made to be alone and patiently awaits the future.
It's the knowledge that the childhood dreams are not being fulfilled according to plan and the newfound maturity that constantly tells her that they may not be that engulfs her thoughts. That is the hardest to bear. Tears well without warning and the sad music plays over and over, telling a story not unlike her own. The simplest thing is all she wants. It's not too much to desire, but is somehow unatainable. Someone to love her and someone for her to love right back. Someone who fills her heart so much that the simpe sight of him forces a smile and a feeling so warm that only she can feel. The brush of his hand against hers would sustain life. The mental picture is enough to warm her head, but not her heart...which for the time being, beats alone.
After I finished, Chad said, "I wish I could express my feelings like that...Roses are red; violets are blue..." It was quite funny. It is kind of beautiful and romantic that the person who ended up having his arms around me completed this for me. I more ways than one.


Anonymous said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I complete poems
only for you.

mindy clarkson said...

whoever you brought back the butterflies that sometimes have been known to go on vacation.

Killer Hawk said...

I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as Min-dy.

Who says engineers can't write poetry?!?!?

mindy clarkson said...

Awww...what a sweet guy you are! Hey...are you an aussie yet? where the heck are ya?