Monday, April 09, 2007

Innocent Racial Slur

The other night at dinner, Colton made his first and hopefully last racial slur. We had been reading and discussing the Easter story being that Easter was upon us and Colton had some questions reguarding Jesus' ethnicity. Colton asked if Jesus was white or brown. Chad answered that Jesus was not white, not black, but probably more brown...and then compared him to some kids that Colton knows so that he could have a visual. You could tell that Colton's wheels were spinning. He thought for a minute and said, "Too bad I'm not brown." I was thinking, "Ahhh, he wants to be like Jesus. How sweet." then he added, "Because brown football players are better than white ones." Silence........Chad looked at me and I looked at Chad........cue the equality speech; cue the equality speech!


Shannon said...

too cute...sorry i was so short on the phone yesterday at the end. Stuart was literally pushing me around in the kitchen as Z was having a fit for his quesadilla (which he promptly threw on the floor, by the way). Anyway, I will get the recipe to you ASAP and look for an e-mail from me regarding one more thing with Tom!

killerhawk said...

Equality speech?! He got an equality speech for being observant? Yes we're all equal in God's eyes, but some of us are better at some things than others. And that's ok.
Way to go Colton. The gift of observation is a powerful thing.

mindy clarkson said...

yes...but we could not have him thinking it was o.k. to make "blanket" comments or believing that it was o.k. to think or say that ALL "brown" football players are better than ALL white football players. let's remember the titans!! he is quite observant though! i'll give you that.