Sunday, April 04, 2010

chronicals of easter

we start off the holiday with chase losing his first tooth on friday morning. followed by a tractor ride at uncle kevin's

then...annslee rolls over,

while colton announces that his favorite things to do are eating snacks, playing video
games, sports, and sleeping. (look how big he looks...yikes! 9 going on 19.)
chase...showing his "hole"

colton...ready for his game on saturday. and the egg hunt!

sweet pea

puddin pie and her grandaddy

puddy annslee james

grandaddy buys ice cream from the ice cream man. a must!

permission to kiss the dimples?

granna and honey sportin' kevin's fightwear hats at the game. this one's a keeper!

puddy in her u.k.'s furia hat

we miss daddy!

puddin and her mommy

my girls

happy easter


b.a. said...

that's a great idea, mindy! (the grateful journal.) also...
did i ever thank you for your encouraging comment that you left a while back? if not: Thank-you! it meant a lot to me and i intended to get back to you... but i guess we all know about good intentions :)
your kids are awesome and you are one gorgeous mama! chad's a lucky man!

Lindsey said...


Shannon said...

love all of these and miss the Clarkson's even more! Peace to you all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, gorgeous pics! You look always!

Giulian & Christy Giusti said...

Oh man I loved every picture! Yay for Annslee and Chase! Tell him we say "way to go buddy!"