Sunday, April 18, 2010

in his world...everything's better

so chase is the man of the hour, as he has racked up enough hilarious quotes to deserve his own blog post. i do realize that all kids are funny in their own right, some with a sarcastic bent, like colton...and others because of how they truly see the chase. i am beyond thrilled that i get to sometimes get a peek at life through the eyes of chase. in his world...everything's better.

here are some of his latest:

"when annslee becomes human, she is going to be on dancing with the stars." (he was totally serious.)

while he was in the tub the other night, i noticed i tiny scrape on his chest. i said, "goodness chase. how did you get that?" he looked down at it and said, "oh...i don't know. we need to get a band aide for that. call 911!!" (again...totally serious.)

we have been working on improving a little behavior lately and it is called, we don't put our hands on our siblings in anger. at different times, different ones tend to struggle with this. a while back, it was colt. right now, it is chase. after 1 warning last week, chase ended up having to write sentences for hitting his brother. the sentence was *i am sorry for hitting my brother.* he sat in the dining room to write his sentences and i sat down on the couch in the living room to talk to chad. about 10 minutes went by and chase walked in with his pencil and paper. he showed his paper to me and pointed at his sentences with his pencil and this is what i saw...

1 - 5 said i'm sorry for hitting my brother.
6 - 8 said i'm sorry for hitting.
9 - 25 said i'm sorry.

he explained that he "decided to only write the important part because his hand was tired."

i told him that was kind of the point.

several days later, i heard aiden start crying upstairs. she proceeded to cry all the was downstairs to where i was. she started to tell on chase and stopped as chase came up quickly behind her with a piece of paper and a pencil. before she could tell me what had happened, he looked at me and said, "i'm gonna go ahead and start my sentences." he makes parenting easy!

colton has been saving his money for a DSi. his old DS broke, so he has been helping around the house to earn money to add to what he already had saved up. he had a substantial sum in his wallet that he keeps in his nightstand drawer. he was almost there. some nights, before bed he would get it out and count it. we even did it together one night and i showed him how i like to keep all the like bills together and facing in the same direction in value order. (obviously the correct way! :) anyhow, a few nights ago, he went up with chad and was going to add some money that he had made to the money in his wallet. a few minutes later, he and chad came downstairs to where i was holding sleeping puddie. chad said that all the money in his wallet was missing. i thought they were kidding until i saw colton's face. i said i didn't know where it was and colton lost it. i said, "let me go talk to chase. maybe he and aiden knew something about it." while i was headed up after putting aj to bed, colt met me in the hallway with the stack of money. he said, rather agitated, "i found it under chase's bed." i walked into chase's room and he popped up in bed like he was expecting the visit and said, "what????" i sat down on his bed next to him and the following conversation took place:

me: "chase......did you take colton's money out of his wallet?"

chase: "no. i didn't. and i'm serious."

me: " need to tell me the truth."

chase (looking away): "no. i didn't take his money."

me (looking at him like he was not pulling anything over on me): "if you lie to me, you will be in more trouble than if you tell the truth."

chase (eyes wide, very dramatic, arms waving): "what happened was......i think colton's wallet opened......and the wind blew the money under my bed."

do you see how it is difficult to ever really get mad at chase?


Anonymous said...

Hillarious....I truly believe that these statements from our dear children are the only way to "sometimes" stay sane and laughing!


Amanda said...

Man, I wish you lived closer! :)

Giulian & Christy Giusti said...

That is awesome. We want more.

Giulian & Christy Giusti said...

I can definitely see why.