Saturday, April 24, 2010


things i am excited about today:

-aiden and chase wearing their blue baseball tee's for colton's game. (my goal was to buy iron on letters and put clarkson on their backs and colton's number, and then put "brother" on the front of chase's and "little sis" on aiden's and to get annslee a white onsie and put "littlest sis" on the front...but the whole plan is not happening. so, the baseball tees that are the right color will have to do for now. and annslee doesn't ever get out of her carrier anyway...and she would just spit up on it and need to be changed right away anyway.)
-the fact that i got to go to old navy...alone...and get shorts for the kids. they were on sale for $10.
-the fact that all 6 of our birthdays are on EVEN days. i've talked about this before, but it really excites me and something made me think about this today. when i was pregnant with colton, i hoped that he would be born on an even...because evens are my favorite and i hate odds. so, i am on the 24th and chad is on the 30th. colton was due on the 19th and came on the 14th. yay. then, when it was chase's turn, i really hoped he would be even too. he came on the 30th. double yay! so far, so good. when i was nearing my due date for aiden, i thought that i was probably due to have an odd one. i went into labor on the 11th but held out until the 12th...just after midnight. so, needless to say annslee HAD to be born on an even. and i was willing to do whatever it took. i went into labor on the 7th. my dr. got to the hospital that evening and at around 10:00, she said to start a small pitocin drip and that i would deliver quickly. i said, "wait! she has to wait until midnight. she has to be born on the 8th. she has to be an even!" everyone just looked at me kinda weird and then my dr. smiled and looked at the nurse and said, "start the drip at 11:45." (love her.) annslee was born after midnight on the 8th. yay! yay! yay! and bonus...8 is my very favorite number. it's important to finish well!

-it is beyond beautiful outside for colt's game this afternoon.

-aiden's hair.

things i am not excited about today:

-annslee cried for an hour and a half this morning trying to fall asleep in her bed. she finally fell asleep and only stayed asleep for 6 minutes or so.

-when colton went to put his uniform on a little bit ago, we realized it had not been washed since his last game. woops. nothin a little fabreeze won't fix.

-my hair.


Anonymous said...

Yet again I love, love, love your kind of craziness...and the maturity and audacity to print your thoughts!

Love ya,

Shannon said...

I do think it is crazy - crazy RIGHT. We all have 2's in our birthday - it makes us more connected in my mind, somehow. AND we are all even, too! I LOVE that. Peace to you.