Friday, February 18, 2011

imagination makes me happy

he bounded through the backdoor...clearly hiding something in his coat.  the problem is, his "attempting-to-not-smile" smile (complete with dimples), gives him away every time.  i asked him how scouts was and he happily replied, "good." 

 due to the fact that chad has been in los angeles, california for 2 brother (UK) took chase to cub scouts this past thursday night.  this was very exciting for chase.  not that he doesn't love his daddy and usual scout partner.  he does certainly.  but UK is always that "he-doesn't-have-kids-yet" way...thus providing all the sugar and shenanigans that we old, tired out parents can not tolerate.  so, naturally, after the scout meeting...they needed to go to mcdonald's (a place i would not take them unless it was the last feasible place on earth to find nourishment.  and i would still struggle with it) to get chocolate shakes.  this is where some random guy sold them the frog sun catcher (that's another story) that chase was hiding in his coat.

so, after telling me that scouts was "good," i asked him what he has hiding in his coat.  i'm thinking, "surely they would not send some live animal home with them."  he pulled out the sun catcher and excitedly announced that after scouts, they went to mcdonald's and then to mexico.  he obviously got the sun catcher in mexico.

i questioned, "MEXICO?"  chase responds with, "yeah...mexico."  i asked, "what did you do in mexico.  i mean, besides getting the sun catcher?"  without hesitating he answers, "we saw a war."  i thought, "wow...that was pretty high level thinking for an 8 year old" and instantly felt puffed up with pride at his intellectual response to my question.

then he casually added, "and a leprechaun."

i said, "hmmmmm...a war and a leprechaun, huh?"

"yep," he validated.

then i smiled and thought, "there's my chase."

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