Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A letter to a Friend

* this post is to be read as if penned in my best hand-writing; on my finest stationary, while sitting at my antique desk, lit only by lamp; with a steaming cup of tea and the warmest regards in my heart for this dear, dear soul.

Dearest Mrs. A.N.,

     I received your lovely letter in the mail a few weeks ago.  It was such a welcomed surprise and I do appreciate you so.  Please excuse my tardiness in responding.  Oh, how you made me feel truly cared for, respected and unconditionally appreciated with your kind and encouraging words.  Please know that you have restored my waning faith in fellow sojourners and pure hearted prayer.  Thank you, dear one.  
     You told me of a brief meeting that we had years ago and I do appreciate your concerning yourself, appropriately with my wonderful life.  Please take heart that I will never consider you a "lurker" you say.  I only consider you a rare, dear soul...and now, a friend, whom I have the warmest regards for.  Thank you for making yourself known through the kindest of letters, which are all too rare in the world of social networking websites that convert personal sentiments into impersonal, abbreviated text that end up making this woman feel farther away from her sisters in Christ than connected.  After all...we are not needing to be networked, but personally connected.  You are a rare find. 
   Thank you for caring for me and my sweet family and know that I truly care for you as well.  I have hope that we will share more in the future, but until then, brave friend...take care of yourself.  You have built me up, in love and I do hope to do the same for you some day.

With Affection,


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