Wednesday, February 09, 2011

shopping cures everything

it's been busy round here.  chad's mom came in from iowa on thursday, and honey's 90th birthday party was saturday.  we had all kinds of family come in from places like ft. worth, austin, and wisconsin.  i had not seen a lot of them in forever and it was so refreshing to reunite with family.  it started me thinking of who i come from.  you know...instead of where i come from.  it made me wonder why we, so often, ask "where are you from" instead of "who are you from?"  the "who" is definitely more interesting.  saturday night, i went to bed thinking about my family...and their names and stories.  more on that later.

i think i'm feeling a little better.  i went to the ENT on monday, and he ordered an MRI.  i told you that i'd been feeling randomly dizzy for about 4 weeks.  i've been on 2 antibiotics, 1 steroid pack, and 2 different antihistamines.  it has gotten better...but isn't totally gone.  however, neither is the sinus crap.  all that to say, the ENT ordered 2 different MRI and an ENG.  the ENG tests the inner ear and can show inflammation, etc.  the MRI is what they order for anyone who comes in complaining of anything.  seeing as it was going to cost us $921 to hear someone say..."it's sinus"...chad said, "i don't think so."  so i didn't do it.  of course...chad will be to blame if that was the wrong call.  :)

the ENG is scheduled for the 15th...and i have no idea how much that will cost.  i'm thinking...because i am having so much sinus junk, that it is not a coincidence and the natural thing to do is have some chicken soup, drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest, and save the thousands of dollars to have someone tell me, "you have sinus." 

well...truthfully, i'm tired of thinking about it.  so naturally, chad's mom and i are gonna take the baby and hit the mall.  shopping cures everything.

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