Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Colorado or Bust

so...maybe you didn't know we went to colorado last week.  it was sorta impromptu...sorta not.  a few weeks before we left from iowa, my dad offered us a trip with my parents and my brother to wolf creek ranch...where he grew up going with his parents and grandparents, and where i grew up going with my parents and grandparents.  so that alone meant that i couldn't say no.  so...even though chad couldn't go with us due to our insanely long travels the month prior...i re-packed the kids and i and headed north.  again.  1000 miles through texas, new mexico, and part of colorado snuggled us deep into the rocky mountains where i reunited with the land, trees, river, rocks, and cabins from my past.  it was like seeing a long, lost friend that you sort of forgot how much you loved.

i swear i think i could have been a barrel racer in a previous life.  well...if i believed in that sort of stuff...which i don't.  i was most excited for my dates with a few horse suitors and was really hoping that the kids would love them as much as i did.  in hindsight, i should have saved the story about how i got kicked by one up here when i was 8.  the boys were not super thrilled.  however, it turns out that the girls were.

sister friend was enamored right out of the gate.  every time we walked outside...she literally ran in a bee line for the stable, pointing and saying, "hiiiiiii....hiiiiiiii...hiiiiiii!!!!"  she pet their noses, and would stay with them as long as i'd let her.  which was fine by me.

little, big man was unsure.  he eventually went on a 2 hour ride on this fella.  his pride wasn't bruised, but his butt was. 

i got a peek right back in time with this one.  she is our little cowgirl.  she wants to be in a rodeo someday...and you know what????  i think she could be.

they are such beautiful, strong, gentle animals.  just beautiful.

take a look at that rock balancing up there.  my great grandma and grandpa kelly used to marvel at this and wonder aloud, "how on earth is that thing balancing up there?"  i marveled and said the very same thing.

my brother fished for trout.

we hiked up south fork...a family tradition.  what happens on south fork...stays on south fork.  there have been many, many memories made on that mountain.

the boy caught his first fish...a small, speckled trout.

she played on the rocks in her waders...a fun to do no matter how old you are.

my animal lovin girls played with the dogs.

this was out cabin.

and this was our view.

and this was the babe, waiting to fish.

this is my fishing for trout.

the kids enjoyed smores.

the girl proved herself as a fisher girl.

especially after she caught a trout.


well...the tired kids have groggily meandered downstairs and into my presence, requesting breakfast and their new playmate, so i'd better save the second half of the trip for another day.

oh...did i forget to mention the souvenir we brought home from wolf creek?

here he is.  meet our black lab........



Anonymous said...

OH my gosh, sounds like a great trip...I fell in love with a dog at my dad's shore house but I am just not that mentally sane right now to take the plunge...

Anonymous said...

so fun! I have been checking often, so was glad to see these pictures and notes! looks like a great time!

Alicia Trussell said...

Loved reading about your unforgettable impromptu vacation with the family. You almost made me cry during the more recent one about the horse. You have an amazing talent for capturing moments and making us feel like we're almost there with you (well me anyways). Thanks for sharing, Mindy. Glad y'all had a summer to remember. p.s. I'm a little concerned about Trout. Isn't there a pet allergy in the family??