Friday, August 26, 2011

Every Rose has it's Thorn

I've been thinking about this Bret Michael's song ever since I heard it a week ago.  I've been thinking about how true it is.  Usually I have no problem only seeing the silver lining in most any given situation.  For example...when handed a five week old lab puppy...I only smell the sweet puppy breath; dream of him sleeping in my lap; imagine the kids excitement when they see him for the first time; plan the turning of the utility room into the cute doggy room; picture cool, ceramic dog bowls in the kitchen; and dream of the relationship that is bonded between a child and their dog.  I choose not to focus on the "thorn."  I pay no attention to the sleepless nights with a whining hooligan that won't shut up; the poop and pee on the newly cleaned carpet; the chewing; the water splashed from the cool, ceramic dog bowl to the 4 corners of the Earth due to him insisting upon stepping in it every.single.time he wants a sip of water; the diarrhea a dog apparently gets from "stress" and the emergency vet bill when he decides to go all superman on us and takes a flying leap out of the chair and almost breaks his leg; or the lack of interest in picking up the steadily developing poop piles in the back AND front yard.  This is what happens every time.  I only focus on the rose.  Never the thorn.  And I think I've decided that it's a good way to live.  If I was the kind of person that only focused on the thorns...let's face it...we would probably not have 4 children.  Potty training a toddler, alone is a whole bush of thistles in my opinion.

Annslee really misses those horses that we got to know and love in Wolf Creek.  No doubt the thorn of the "pretending they are yours and riding them all week" rose.  Aiden and I miss them too.  Yesterday, we went to play with G and the twins...and this little partner had to do her. just wasn't the same.  And I understand.  It's not...and never will be. 

The girl needs her own horse.  All us girls in the family do.  I'm gonna make a mental note to work on that.  My parents always said that I could do anything I set my mind to.  I wonder if that applies to getting a horse?

Trout found Chad's lemonade.  The thorn was...the cup got stuck on his head.

Chase usually wakes up in a great mood...

however...the thorn is that the boy has some serious bed head.

This is not how I fixed her hair for school this morning...but this is how she came out of the building this afternoon.  To this I say...

Eat your heart out Bret Michaels!!

Here is to you and yours and hoping for a beautiful weekend.  And I'm not talkin about the weather.  Although that would be nice too.

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