Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving, friends

yesterday, we packed up and headed to the woodlands for the day. we were meeting ben and dea (my best from high school), their kids...and ian (another friend from high school) at fuddruckers for lunch.

i just love it when my old friend's kids and my kids play together.  there is just something very comforting about that sight.

dea's daughter, audrey is only 5 weeks older than aiden...but look how much taller she is.  she is super model material.

annslee and croix look like they could be fraternal twins, i think.  which is strange...seeing that dea and i look nothing alike and chad and ben look nothing alike.  but...none-the-less...these two look oddly similar.

croix does have big blue eyes and annslee does have big brown eyes...

but besides that fact...

these two girls were each other's first friend.

i love that.

take a good look at this play fort.  the monkey bars that are to the right, and just out of frame...well...i'm in a fight with those mean things.

evidently, aiden got up her nerve to try to cross those monkey bars herself and darn it...if they didn't get the best of her.  right in front of are eyes...her hand slipped and she fell to the ground.  i heard her scream and i saw her awkwardly grab her arm and try to scramble to her feet.  only she couldn't get up.  it was in that split i saw her daddy run to i darted out the back door to meet i heard her cries, that my "mommy voice" whispered, "it's broken."

we layed her down on the couch and began to work as the team that we are.  as my good friends from high school grabbed ice packs and offered promises of ice cream, chad checked where the closest ER clinics (with radiologists present) were located and i held my girl.

ben and dea kept the other kids, ian opened the car door for me to load her in her seat, and chad gathered all of our stuff.

i told colton to help watch his brother and sister and he nodded as i kissed his forehead i and knew that he was the best man for the job.

at the hospital...they knew it was broken as soon as we walked in the door.  i know this...because i overheard the triage nurse tell the doctor before he walked in the room.

my girl was a trooper.  i don't think i would have handled things near as well as she did.

she cried, yes...but she never complained.

today, i woke up with my girl snuggled next to me in my bed and i was profoundly thankful for what we have.

when she needed it...we had an amazing hospital emergency room to take her to; we had a nice doctor from texas childrens hospital, who knew exactly what he was doing; we had instant care from old friends to watch our other three children; we had a car to drive us home; we had a comfortable, warm house to come home to; we have pharmacies on every corner to fill prescriptions so that she could sleep; and we have countless options of orthopedics to make her cast.  she even has color choices.  a sure sign that we have excess. girl's arm will be fine.

but i can't help but think about all the children out there today...(who if this happened to them...where they live...and with their circumstances)...wouldn't be.

happy thanksgiving, friends.

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