Tuesday, November 08, 2011

it's raining cats, dogs and frogs

in an effort to help me out...chad changed all of my settings and a bunch of other "stuff" so that i could easier upload, store, and deal with my pictures.

the result...

i can't find any of them.

it's ok.

normally i would be going out of my mind with frustration and irrational thoughts of throwing all technology before the year 1993 out with the trash and marching to my nearest southwestern bell store to purchase myself a mustard yellow, rotary telephone to bolt to our kitchen wall with the extra long curly chord that will reach to the pantry if i decide i need to have a private conversation.  you know...the one that you spend hours trying to untangle so that you can reach your nearest room with a door?  and then i would plan out going to the nearest drug store to purchase a few rolls of film for my old camera after giving the photo technician an ear-full of my latest soap box tirade about how all technology is just plain evil.

but i'm not.

like...at all.


our kitty friend is being fairly persistent.  despite the fact that chad has made it perfectly clear to him how much he hates cats...he still doesn't seem to be too proud to bounce his way over and meow his way into our house.  it doens't help that the girls tote him everywhere and that he patiently puts up with them dressing him up in doll dresses...rocking him in a doll cradle...and bathing him in the pretend doll bathtub.

i would show you pictures of all those things...

but we have already covered that issue.

i can't believe that this cat doesn't bolt as soon as he sees annslee coming.  but he doesn't.  he just goes limp when she picks him up and lets her toss him over her shoulder like a santa sack and tote him around wherever the wind blows her.

it really is comical.

so, last night...mr. we-will-never-own-a-cat...came home from the store with a small bag of kitten food.  we animal lovers of the family got a little excited, until he followed his moment of weakness up with,

"we are NOT keeping this cat!!!!"

and i believe him.

tune in next time to find out what happens with clickity cat.


on another animal note...

woody...chase's tree frog has finally crossed over into the heavenly realm.  the funeral and burial will be held tonight at the site of buzz's final resting place in the backyard.  (buzz was the other tree frog.  santa brought them together, like 5 years ago.)  chase has already written the eulogy and given it to chad.  and i think we all have to wear black.  and maybe we even all have to say something about woody.  and then chase will pray.  i think this is how it is to go.



in lieu of flowers, chase has requested toys.

happy tuesday, folks.

now...go hug one of your pets.

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Giulian & Christy Giusti said...

Oh Woody! We were there when Buzz was turning colors toward the end. How sad, but at least they'll be together...