Sunday, November 13, 2011

i'll take some peace on earth, please.

you know those days...were you step foot out of the bed and before an entire hour has feel like you have been awake for 2 days straight and have tackled enough messes to last those 2 days...and then some?

well...this has been the story of my sunday morning up until this point.  i think God may have been sending me a little message in response to my deciding to skip church this morning.  but i had a good excuse!  ah...who am i kidding?  it wasn't all that great.  and if we had just would have saved me a truck load of hassles.  tune in next time for the story of a peaceful sunday morning going all renegade on me...complete with a dog, a baby, a kitten, and a lot of syrup.

it was a hot mess.


on another note...the verdict is in.  chad has said we are not keeping the cat.  and it's just as well...however i think we can all see the problem.

the littlest sister will not take no for an answer and finds a way to let that cat in the house all. the. time.

she's small...but she's got tenacity.  she will trick her brothers into opening the back door for her, or sweet smile her dad into letting the meowing kitten in for a visit, or get aiden on the case.

and that cat's not stupid.  he knows that if he hangs out on the back patio long enough...he'll eventually be let in.  and fed.

so...there it is.

yep...that's my good blanket.

we took a break the other night to go look at the moon.

and then we were right back where we started.

i just don't know what to do about it.

so in the mean time...they will just keep on beggin...

just look at that hair, will you?  she had a hay day with the small piggy and bow that was perfectly in place when i put her down for her nap.

that's what i get for thinking she will forget about it and not pull it out as soon as she gets the chance.

that girl doesn't forget about anything.

the weather finally cooperated and we had the frog's funeral last night.

our little friend from across the street came and paid her respects.

chad memorized and recited the eulogy that chase had prepared.

chase said a few last words.

aiden threw some popcorn on the grave for woody as a final gesture to close the service.

(why we had bowls of popcorn at the funeral like it was movie entertainment...i still don't know?)

and then clickidy cat showed up and chase went all lion king on us as we marveled at the circle of life.

one frog leaves this kitten surfaces.

rest in peace together, buzz and woody.


we've been busy elves this weekend...decorating the house for christmas.

here is a sneak peak...

and my view from my computer. makes the...shall we say..."stickiness" from this morning fade into a distant memory, replaced by the promise and hope of a magical sunday afternoon.

here's to peace on earth...

our house included.

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