Tuesday, November 01, 2011

a weekend starring friends

this was one of those weekends.  you know the ones.  where you're left feeling like you really made fun use of your time.  when everything just clicks and works out.  i love those days.


this little scenario in colt's notebook was starting to make me twitch a little.  he had papers falling out all over the place.  i got my organization on and went to town.

i can't believe how i still love to organize a binder.  it's like it was just yesterday that i was arranging, 3 hole punching, and labeling my own binder.

at one point, colt tried to step in and help and i calmly replied,

"step away from the binder."

he sat quietly and watched me work the rest of the time.

i would get real thrilled about the way the sections were coming together or a particular way that the tabs stuck out just right and get giddy while showing him the ropes of organization.  he was just kind of all, "wow mom...you really like this stuff."

i'm not loving the way the glue stick and scissors fit in the pencil case...

but i decided to let that go.

the cold snap allotted for some good hat wearing.  that's always a plus.

friday was crazy hair day at school.  the kids just love that.

colt actually participated this year.

this doesn't look too crazy because it was after school and all his spikes had fallen.

but he still thought he looked pretty fierce.

friday night, i went out for dinner for my birthday with this fun friend.

this particular evening may or may not have ended with me throwing an ice cube at our waiter to get his attention.

i know...i know.  i just hate it when i get obnoxious and do immature things for fun.

although...it was an excellent throw.

the waiter said so, himself.

these are the times when chad just rolls his eyes and says,

"good grief."

them on saturday, i got to go out to eat with the fun friend.  two fun friends and two mexican meals equals a good time.

the corona rita wasn't too shabby either.

we went to see footloose.

it's a good flick.

i fell for ren's character way more this time than in the original.

they did a good job casting him, i thought.

plus...the music was fantastic.

i'll be i tuning that soundtrack, for sure.

batman and batgirl made an appearance on saturday night.

they were busy fighting crime in the house.

sister had just had a bath.  she seemed a little perplexed...but stuck close by.

last night we did a kitchen concert.

we have our best concerts and dance parties in the kitchen.

wooden spoons make great mics.

kitty made her way into the house for a snack.

chad was not thrilled.

again...she rocks the diaper.  she really does have clothes.

we had to carve our pumpkin after dinner.

i learned something this year.

don't call them in to help until after it's all cleaned out...

or you end up losin em one by one.

there is something about a jack-o-lantern that i just love. 

then...i went on a spur of the moment outing with uk.  uk is my brother, in case you didn't know.

we went to a greek restaurant that his buddy owns for a halloween costume party.

we saw this guy do traditional greek dancing and lift a table and chair with his teeth.

people thought we looked like the bopsy twins.

they new i was his sister without even asking.

i would have dressed up if it wouldn't have been so last minute.  obviously...i didn't even have time to do my hair.

we got home a little on the late side...making this morning not so fun.

but, alas...when uk and i get together...there is always fun and shenanigans to be had.

Halloween is to follow.

Hooray for fun weekends with friends and family!!

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