Thursday, June 10, 2010

and furthermore...

so my sweety sweet friend, cara left a comment on the 9 going on 19 post that got me thinking more. (dangerous, i know...and a bummer for chad who has to entertain my rants concerning the subject when he gets home.)

maybe you didn't know that my 9 year old's favorite band is the black eyed peas. (what?? my favorite band at 9 was alvin and the chipmunks!) why, you might ask? it's a little song called boom boom pow and another called i got a feelin...and the fact that hip hop music was played all year long in his classroom at school. to his teacher's defense, i'm sure he was playing the "sensored" versions of these songs. (i think. i hope.) the last day of school, i witnessed the entire class get up and do the dance to "wobble"...which was both impressive, catchy, and a little...well...whoa-ish. colt and his friends were just kind of jumping around...and i was majorly glad that colt came out of his shell this year. (previously, he would have turned red, and hid in the corner if someone had suggested he dance.) and, i love a good hip hop dance...being on the dance team in college myself. BUT, when this promotes a love for the black eyed peas in a 9 year old boy...the red, warning light starts flashing!, we can't download the album for you to listen to in your room and you may absolutely NOT watch them perform on the grammys and i would be declared temporarily insane if i let you go to a concert! annnnnnd...if it comes on the radio, i will crank the volume for you and "car dance" with you, but be prepared for me to randomly turn the volume all the way down in the middle of the song and say, "oh...sorry...i thought your sister needed to tell me something."

yeah...i'm pretty sure my job as parent now includes "expert on lyrics and master of quick-as-a-cat volume control."

i'm trying to bring back the beach boys. but for my 9 going on 19 year old, they just can't compete with fergie.


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