Tuesday, June 22, 2010

on my mind on a tuesday night

the kids are back from camp. they actually came home friday afternoon after bible school. chad and i went over to my parent's house to visit at lunch time on thursday. some of the kids were getting a little home sick, so we decided to add a visit to them to our "day date." we got a flat tire the night before and our "day date" turned into "getting the truck outfitted with four new tires day" anyways. when we got there, we got to hear the cd of all the music that they had been learning all week at bible school. chase was super excited and said, "mommy!! my favorite song is let your raisins ring!!" it was really let your praises ring...but, i didn't have the heart to tell chase that he had been "accidentally" singing about raisins all week. then, they told us that they were supposed to be looking for "God sightings." (that is when they see someone showing God's love.) chase said, "remember when i was a little boy and i wanted more smoothie but there was none left, so you gave me your smoothie?" i said, "yeah. i do." then he said, "that was a God sighting." ahhhhh. it made me want to make sure they are sighting God in me more often. i mean, after all...they are looking for Him.

i've had some great expectations for the summer. one being to have friends over for supper every week. that's not happening. two being to make a double batch of dinner once a week and take dinner to someone else that night. that's not happening either. but what is happening is P90X. that's right! i am going strong and lovin it. my favorite workout, so far was today. it was an hour of kenpo. i didn't even know what kenpo was until today. it is a combination of boxing and martial arts if my calculations are correct. it was super fun...super fast...and made me feel like a super fighting stud! i'm up to 5-7 pull ups now too. (that's using a chair out in front of me to rest one foot on while doing them...which is supported by the crazy hulk man.)

yesterday was movie time monday and we watched toy story. we are gearing up for friday when we splurge and go see toy story 3 in the theater. speaking of splurge, i just ate the best piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing with blue bell homemade vanilla ice cream. it was left over from father's day. and it was yum. and i feel ok about it because i spent an hour with the crazy hulk man today...and yesterday...and the day before...and the day before that...and will tomorrow...

well, actually tomorrow is my stretching day...and i welcome it with very sore...but opened arms.

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