Wednesday, June 16, 2010

he'll notice me. i'm sure of it.

the other night i watched the movie win a date with tad hamilton. i really watched it because it stared kate bosworth and she is one of my favie faves because of her roll in a little gem of a film called blue crush. i totally want to look like her. i think i've probably mentioned this must-see-movie-to-kick-off-the-summer before. i usually watch it at the beginning of the summer to get me in my "surfer girl" mind set...along with getting the beach blond highlights in my hair, pulling out the tank tops and mini skirts, and breaking out the beach boy's greatest hits. surfer girl, fun fun fun, surfin' safari, in my room and come go with me are my favorites...and surfin' u.s.a. is chase and aiden's. annslee loves to dance in the kitchen with me and colton moderately tolerates discussed previously. :/ he does love it when i change the words to surfer girl to surfer boy and dedicate it to him and then sing totally over the top to him. at least i assume when he screams and runs away it means that he loves it.

anyway...i digress. i would like to go ahead and state here that my reason for landing on this movie had nothing to do with ole' what's-his-name...josh something or other......who is not cute at all. :)

so, as i was watching this...i was completely taken back to jr. high and early high school (i am well aware that i was a little dorky and did not grow out of the jr. high, unrealistic crush thing until a little later than most.) i was in. love. with joe mcintyre from new kids on the block. i went to every concert that they did in houston...including the one a couple of years ago...but we don't need to discuss that one. the point is that i truly thought that he was going to pick me out of the crowd and want to meet me...leading to an innocent dating relationship where he completely and hopelessly falls in love with me and wants to marry me where we live happily ever after. every concert i would get all ready, making sure my outfit, hair, and makeup was as perfect as it could be so that when he spotted would be love at first sight. i don't think you understand that i really and truly thought that this scenario was a reality. a date with tad hamilton would have only validated my cause had i seen it back then. i will spare you a summary., it is a movie that plays out that ridiculously unrealistic scenario actually coming true for a small town girl. paaaa-leeeeeease! to think i could be so silly and naive.

my dream did end up coming true though. but instead of his name being joe, it was chad. and instead of him being on stage as a singer, he was on stage as the pastor. and instead of him picking me out of the crowd at a concert, he picked me out of the crowd at church. the similarities are astounding!!

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