Tuesday, June 15, 2010


camp week is here! the three oldest went to camp gran this week. camp gran is a small, comfy, family camp...complete with beautiful southern lodging with great homemade meals, bible school mornings followed by special activities designed especially for colton, chase and aiden...late afternoon swimming with personal life guards, topped off with smores and home made ice cream. (doesn't it sound like a dreamy brochure that comes in the mail that you look at and think "if only..." but know that you don't have the money that it would take to actually make it there?) i know!!! so, where is this little, hidden gem of a camp, you ask???

it's a little place we like to call GRANNA and GRANDADDY'S house!! we really wanted the kids to go to vacation bible school this summer, but our church chooses to not have one. my brother and i grew up going to vbs every summer at our church and i remember it being a place where my foundation in Christ was built in a lot of ways. i still remember the sign language to the song i love you Lord that i learned at bible school in, like, 3rd grade. it typically lasts a week, and lasts until lunch time each day. you learn how to worship, bible verses and stories, make friends and crafts, and is one of the first times that i remember getting really fired up for God. we wanted our kids to have this experience this summer, so we signed them up to go at my parent's church this week. since their church is only a 2 minute drive from their house, and a 20 minute drive from ours, my mom suggested they stay the week there. when i told the kids, they immediately named the week "CAMP GRAN"...short for GRANna and GRANdaddy.

now, if any of you know my mom...you know she doesn't do anything half-way. this is one of the many things i love about her. she is the one who taught me, by example, to celebrate life and experiences in an extraordinary way...making memories that last a lifetime and making the kids feel as special as they are. so...needless to say, she has gone all out for camp gran. there are special activities planned every day, themes, special food and meaningful experiences designed especially for all three of them. we are talkin tents set up in the backyard, water guns, game days, homemade treats, movies, swimming, golf course cart riding, stories, and many more. if my experience as a kid is any indication at all...my mom and dad's presence, energy, hugs and snuggles, and ability to encourage and provide experiences is what will be most remembered from camp gran. i can't begin to thank my parents for the childhood they provided me, and the one that they are helping to provide for my kids! i'm secretly hoping to make this an annual event!!

just having puddie at home lends itself to quiet days for me, and my favorite suggestion by chad...being, "pick some restaurants that you want to go each night and take a break from making dinner." ummm...ok! i have a feeling one of them may be a little, quaint place called camp gran...where the food is great, but the company is the main attraction.

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