Wednesday, October 26, 2011

costume fun and contests won

my most favorite birthday wish this year came in the form of an e-mail from a friend out in south carolina. i don't get the pleasure of seeing her all the time...or even often...however i just know we would have a great deal of fun together if we could.  just think back to clemson days.  and weird box social dates at hockey games.  if you can have fun with someone on a box's just in the cards that you will always remain friends.  the e-mail simply read,

"hope you have a day filled with much J.R. Watkins soap, warm lattes, pumpkin candles, and limited interaction with pumpkin ale and large bottles of burgundy on your foot."

love is in the details.

thanks s.b.  :)

you made me laugh.

miss you.


we got the pleasure of going to pappa's burgers for the first time.  it's my new fave.  and i don't even eat hamburgers.  a chocolate malt is my love language.  and these were amazing.

they said the burgers were good.  i had an avocado burger...hold the burger please.

it was heavenly.  and this is coming from a person who never gets particularly excited about a meal.  nor do i ever use terms like, "heavenly" to describe food.

that speaks for itself.

she apparently enjoyed the ketchup.

she's the one who gave me my blue eyes.


we made a trip to yogurt bear with our old, yogurt bear faithfuls.

i love how chase is "lurking" in this picture.  i didn't even know he was behind us.

there i am again.  willing it to be cold by breakin out the wool scarf.  i think i even started sweating.

she is the one who gave my mom her blue eyes.

sister friend looooooves big baby.  she thinks her friend, kenzie, is one of her dolls.

we had a friday night fashion show.

complete with princesses and pirates...

and a bride down...

roaring tigers who somehow squeezed themselves into a toddler sized costume...

and a miniature ballerina.

we broke into the ole' cedar chest at my parent's house...and that provided hours of entertainment.  this was the raggedy ann costume that my mom made me for halloween when i was 4.  she will get to wear it next year!!!  i'm already threatening the boys about being forced to be raggedy andy unless they are good ALL YEAR.  it's one of the perks of being the mom.

we went to boo on the boardwalk.  chase was positive he didn't want to dress up and the girl's costumes aren't they wore these fun things.  it worked out swimmingly because clemson won that day...AGAIN.  that was something to cheer about.

aiden not having appropriate shoes really bothered me.  but i got over it.  be proud.

one of colton's a\pieces of artwork was chosen to go to the district wide art celebration.  we all went there and did things like, get our faces painted and lose our iphone in a dark theater and not realize it till we get all the was home and have to drive all the way back with the kids and beat on the door for an hour until someone finally hears and lets you in.  i was not in a good mood and my poor  friend c.w. got an earfull of a tirade.  lucky for me...she is patient.

but this was worth it.

oh...and by the way...

he won the yearbook cover contest.

i guess i'll be buying everyone in the family one.

here's to celebrating art, food, friends, family, costume fun and contests won.

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