Sunday, January 22, 2012

the first sleep over

under no circumstances can i divulge the information that was shared at the slumber party...i mean...sleep over friday night.  all i can say is that i had absolutely no idea that the whole "guy/girl" thing had started up already.

where was i????

i will say that 3 out of the 4 boys wanted nothing to do with all the "girl" talk and wanted to stick to the video games.

however...the idea of a good "ding dong ditch" did sound appealing to them...even if it was a girl.


poor sisters had to watch the football action from inside.

these boys felt the need to start the night with some football.  now...the idea of this was very foreign to me.  a.  it's dark.  b.  they've already played football at recess.  c.  it's time for dinner.  d.  it's muggy.  e.  now they are going to smell.

the list could go on and on.

but apparently...they needed to mark their "everything boy" territory or something before we even really got started.

did you know that when boys drink root beer out of the automatically ups their cool points?

and...furthermore...i actually had to explain to one of them that root beer would NOT, in fact, get them drunk and that he was just excited.

sister was not happy that she was not allowed to sit with the boys.

she perched her little self at the table in chase's place and clasped her hands together and i swear i heard her say,

"sup, boys?"


my red solo cup...

i fill you up.

it was over pizza that i found out waaaaay more than i ever thought i might.  like i said...two of the boys had some serious crushes.  now...i'm completely aware that i began behaving somewhat immaturely at this turn of events and may or may not have given them the idea of taking the girl some chocolate.

my intentions were pure.

i swear.

after all...she lived around the corner and we could easily walk to her house...drop off the candy...and be back before chad knew we were gone.

(he's not the parent you want to go to if you have any sort of plan that deviates from the norm.  if shenanigans are in order...

i'm your girl.)

so... ended in dropping the candy on the doorstep and ringing the doorbell and running,
with me being the get away car.


so what if i tied the bow for him?


i saw how the male brain works and finally feel like i have a handle on some things.

the guy with the crush was super excited to ring his girl...and just because he wanted to get a little "just dance 3" on...didn't mean that he cared any less about her.

something to think about.

i decided to let the girls play this time.  annslee never has to know that her remote might as well be for the ceiling fan.  it totally wasn't hooked up.


moving on.

i tell you the truth when i say that colton was only excited about the ding dong ditch and he didn't care who was on the other end of it.

and this is fine by me.  i'm not ready for my little guy to have another girl in his life.  i mean...he already has 3.  what more does he need at the tender age of 11?


the movie lasted about 20 minutes before chad, colton and i got left by ourselves to watch the "miracle" that is the us hockey team beating the russians in the winter olympics.

colt joined his friends in his room for the remainder of the night.

i overheard comments like, "this is the best night of my life" and i know, for certain, that one kid texted his mom that he was having the "best time ever."

so...i'm gonna chalk it up as a win.


not that boys really care whether they drink their milk out of a cute bottle or the carton...

but the extra touch of these old, frappachino bottles made me happy.

this morning, we learned that our dear friends had to put their dog to sleep yesterday.

so...naturally we went with the whole "sugar makes everything better" plan.


there are some living beings that have their designated spots in our home.  i always know that i can look to that spot...and there they will sedentary friends.

it's a comfort, really.

and just to keep things real.

the basket looked like this...

before it looked like this.

i'll leave you with a little just dance 3...

which i promise gets your heart pumpin in a really fun way.

i've mastered the zombie people song...

which happens to be her favorite.

thank you very much.

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