Friday, January 20, 2012

i've been thinking.

i've been thinking about some things.  one of which is, am i ever going to break away from the top knot???  and do people think i look like a messy, unorganized, grungy librarian??

the second thing that i've been thinking about is colt's 11th birthday sleepover.  it's tonight and it is our very first slumber party.  (although it is very important that i not call it a "slumber party" in front of his friends.  i've been adamantly told this.)

we are having pizza; bottled root beer; brownies and ice cream; the movies miracle and we are marshall complete with popcorn and m&m's.

whose excited??


the other thing that i have been thinking a lot about lately is becoming more conscience about the amount of trash that we are producing.  we have a large trash can in the kitchen and we fill that thing full, at least 1 time a day.  sometimes 2.  plus...we have trash cans in every bedroom and bathroom that are filled to the brim each week.  trash comes in the form of mail, every the form of bulletins and announcements from school every the form of plastic bags housing all of our bread, chips, snacks, hygiene products, etc...and countless other ways.  it's getting out of hand.

i'm all about easy. 

and if we start this life won't be as easy.

but maybe...

it will be worth it.

in order to become more "trash free"...

i would have to take my own jars to the store to fill them with lunch meats, chicken from the butcher, cheeses, and dried goods sold in bulk.  i would also need to take a pillow case to fill it with bread from the bakery.  i would have to radically change the way we buy and use hygiene products...doing things like making my own toothpaste and laundry detergent and hair care.

and what about toys...and the packaging around movies, games, etc?

and don't even get me started on composting.


it's overwhelming to think about.


i am feeling the nudge to make a few changes that could add up to a lot less trash over time.

i can't imagine how this will go.  after all...we don't even recycle!

i'll keep you posted.


in the meantime...

i will try my best to entertain 5 eleven year olds, 1 nine year old, 1 six year old, 1 two year old, 1 thirty-nine year old, 1 puppy, and 1 kitten for the night.

and while i'm at it...

i'll try to figure out what i would do with this popsicle stick if we were a trash free family.

how can you eliminate popsicles??  they are like the best thing ever.

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