Sunday, January 15, 2012

he's the candy to my land. plus...he's 11.

eleven.  he's eleven.  and that just sounds old.

but he is.

and there is nothing i can do to make him ten again.  i was used to ten.  i was comfortable with ten.

yesterday...january 10:28 am...he turned the big one one.

and i made sure hot chocolate greeted him.

with whipped cream and sprinkles, of course.

after all...

a celebration was in order.

and i am slowly getting used to having an eleven year old.

while he stayed in our bed...watching tv and enjoying his hot chocolate, sister and i busted out some basketball cupcakes.

and then...we busted out big brother's pancake, egg, and bacon birthday brunch.

ever since the hair cut...i've been calling him slim shady.  he reminds me of a certain, white rapper.

just the hair...of course.

that evening, he had a basketball game.

people came far and wide to watch him.

it was a "fan club" of sorts.

just look at that cheering section!  i mean, paleeeease...

we might as well have busted out my old pom poms.  (and don't think i wouldn't do it.)

after big birthday brother tore it up on the court...

we went to mooyah burger to celebrate him...

and the big win.

(but mostly him.)

look at uk...lurking in the background.

i just love a good lurker.

and uk came through too.

he brought it...with the new basketball.

colt's old one had become a little "slick" from all the wear and tear of the driveway dribble and bucket play.

because chad's dad and his wife were here from iowa...we had to put the real partying off until next weekend.

a 5th grade boy sleep over is in order for friday night.

i better start preparing now.

i'm thinking some shenanigans are in my near future.

and everyone knows...

i just can't turn down a good double dog dare.

oh yeah...

those boys will have met their match.

happy 11th birthday colt.

you are the candy to my land.

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