Thursday, January 26, 2012

thursday brain dump.

many of you may not know that i have a fear of balloons.  this fear stems back to childhood when i was at a birthday party where we played an unfortunate game where we tied balloons around our ankles and then tried to stomp on everyone else's balloons.  the last one standing with an unpopped balloon was the winner.  all i know is that i was terrified then...and the idea terrifies me now. can imagine my terror when my woman's bible study group waltzed into pappasito's last night for our "celebrate the end of the beth moore study with half price fajitas and margaritas" night and there were balloons on every table.

i asked "collin"...our waiter..."what's up with the balloons?"

he said that he would remove them for me...but let's not get all crazy, having people "remove" harmless balloons."

i'll deal.

and furthermore...

since when are waiters named "collin?"  that's what i wanted to name colton.  obviously he lied on his application and was not old enough to be a waiter.

damn kids.

needless to say...

i needed the margarita to offset the fear that the balloons set into effect.

at least, that's what my facebook status says.

today...i re-arranged aiden's room.

let's just call it like it is.

a room needed to be arranged,  and aiden's was the best choice.

this activity lead to lip gloss.

and lots of it.

what can i say?

they take after their momma.

the last two days have been a "target clearance heaven" of sorts.

flip flops for $2????

need i really say more?

i will say more...but only because it involves $12 shabby chic curtains for aiden's room.

and "cabiny" animal fur pillows for $12.48.


so...all that aside,

i've been meaning to tell you that we have been seriously contemplating homeschooling all of our kids through the jr. high years.

one of the many benefits to this would include them being able to travel with chad on missions trips during those formidable years.  i am a firm believer that they, or you for that matter, will never fully comprehend what people in other cultures are dealing with unless they/you actually "GO."  and i'm not talking about italy or greece.  i'm talking about poverty.  i'm talking about unclean drinking water.  i'm talking about children that are happy playing with my gum wrappers all day because they are shiny.  i'm talking about kids who's joy for a happy meal toy matches the joys of our children on christmas morning upon finding an xbox under the tree.

here's the thing.

for colt...

that's next year.

whoa.  whoa.   whoa.

when did he become a jr. higher????

so, i have been praying and praying and thinking and thinking and wondering and wondering and feeling intimidated, ill prepared, skeptacle, scared, nervous, and crazy for even considering it.

colton is smart.

every year he is invited to participate in the enrichment program for the kids that perform above and beyond the norm and is commended on every state test he takes.  just the other day, we received a letter stating that he has qualified to participate in a program that is sponsored by duke university that is aimed at students who possess high academic ability.




how am i supposed to adequately "teach" him????

i never got no letter from duke!

anyhow...i've been feeling "lead" to take this on.  and i've been praying for guidance.

and then, out of nowhere...this morning...i got a text from someone who homeschools, and is starting a co-op and has information about a new university model school that is starting next year.

we are getting together saturday morning to talk.

thank you, sweet Jesus.

that is just what i need.

it looks like slim shady is one step closer to being schooled by his mother.

i like the way that translates.  :)


just for practice...

i did a little "school" with my 2nd born tonight.

he checked out a book about jim henson from the library and, boy, was this exciting.

this is my kid that marches to the beat of a different tuba.

he loves harry houdini, frogs, actors, and jim henson.

fine by me.

it takes people like him to make the world go round...

...and muppets talk on sesame street...

and things of that nature.


enjoy your thursday evening, friends.

you will never get it back.

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