Monday, January 07, 2013

from this day forward...

dissatisfaction is such a joy stealer.  or as they would say on duck dynasty...
"OY" stealer.
i keep hearing a phrase being thrown around these days to sorta put people in their place...or maybe more so to put situations in their place.
"first world problems"
i've even said it myself.  although it is starting to really irritate me.
however...even though something is a "first world problem" as most of our daily problems are...i find myself thinking that the real first world problem is dissatisfaction.  or a lack of contentment.
case in point.
i have been wanting a new kitchen faucet.  you know...the kind that arches up and you can pull the whole faucet part out and spray stuff?  and i wanted it to be the oil rubbed bronze...not the shiny silver that everyone has.  i had been at honey's house and commented on how much i liked hers...and that sweet woman gave us one for christmas.  i was super excited and i couldn't wait to hook it all up.  (or have my dad hook it all up would be a more accurate way of putting it.)
so...the other, dad, and UK were over watching the texans game and we got the new faucet out.
someone made the innocent comment, "i'm not sure this dark faucet is gonna look good with this stainless steel sink."
and that did it.
for the last two days i've been obsessing that i need a new sink to match my new faucet.  and not just any sink...but upon further sink research...i've decided that i need a copper farmhouse sink.  it would be the perfect mate to my new faucet.
however...those things aren't cheap.  and certainly not in our budget.  and not even close to a say...a new vehicle is.
so that's where the sudden dissatisfaction snuck it's way into my heart and mind.  now...i can't just be excited and happy with my cool, new faucet from my grandmother without thinking about how much i now hate my sink.
i'd say this is the definition of a first world problem.  however...more deeply in the is a contentment problem.
am i really gonna let something so trivial waste my brain space?  how many more minutes...or hours...or days am i gonna allow to be stolen from my children because i am looking online at farmhouse sinks?  which let's go ahead and say will quickly become new cabinets and a new, cool pantry door.  dissatisfaction and a lack of contentment are sneaky like that.
so here i am...officially and hereby declaring that henceforth...(and all that stuff)...i will no longer be dissatisfied with my perfectly good sink.  and i will proudly mount my new, dark faucet from my grandmother...(more accurately have my dad do it)...and love it from this day forward.
and i will stop that pesky dissatisfaction demon in his tracks.  and dis-invite him to the party in my heart and mind.  and look at first world problems for what they really are.
so there.
this conversation happened last night in the car...on the way home from a day spent at my parent's house.
ANNSLEE:  "mom?  where's dad?"
ME:  "daddy's in cuba."
COLT:  "i really miss him."
ME:  "i miss him too."
ANNSLEE:  "i want to see my daddy now."
so chad...if you're reading this...we really miss you.

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