Wednesday, January 30, 2013

mid week

you know you know you're not firing on all cylinders when you wash your face with men's shampoo/body wash while explaining to the two superheros...who have taken up residence in your shower...why you are not using acceptable face soap.

"i'm only doing this because i ran out of my face soap and i keep forgetting to buy more.  plus...the manly smell isn't that bad.  and it really does seem to be opening up these clogged sinuses that i have going right now.  so stop judging me."

all of this was to the familiar soundtrack of annslee saying, "i want..."

she says "i want" more times a day than anybody i've ever met in my life.

"mommy...i wan mum (gum).  mommy...i wan watch pout (sprout).  mommy...i wan 2 happys (pappys).  mommy...i wan yelp (help).  mommy...i wan yeareal (cereal).  i wan mmm (milk)  i wan cwaquet (chocolate).  i wan do it.  i wan use yoap (soap).  i wan watch elmo.  i wan watch movie.  i wan water.  i wan sleep in your bed.  i wan go wi you.  i wan eat.  i wan m&m's."  and on...and on...and on.

so tonight...while explaining myself to the superhero shower crashers...all i could hear from my bed was,

"moooooommmmmmyyyyyy........i wan watch elmo."

sorta yelling so she could hear me over the shower and sprout:  "no annslee.  we are not going to watch elmo tonight.  i told you that you could watch sprout while i was in the shower...but then it's bed time."

"moooooooooommmmmmmyyyyyy....i wan watch movie."

"no annslee.  we are not going to watch a movie tonight."

"mooooommmmmmyyyy...i wan mmmmm with cwaquet in it."

"i wan two happys."

"you're gonna have to wait annslee."

i toweled off and pulled the tags off my new sleep find.

what is it about something new that brings a breath of fresh air to a situation.  it was like..."yeah...i've got these awesome coral sleep shorts on...and now...i rule the world."

i walked out of my bathroom refreshed and with a bounce in my new jammied step.

there's my daughter.  sleeping with guns.

and jumping.

if i didn't still have this nasty head cold...i may have just joined in.


keeping with things that make me happy...

look what turned up at the dollar spot today.

you know how a good bunch of seasonal pencils can brighten my day.

and holla...

these are paper straws from the discount bins at michaels.

a friend of mine...(hi a.b.) has banned me from going to michaels.  so imagine her disappointment when she sees all of this stuff.  i have a good excuse.  isn't that how all addictions are justified??  but truly...i have to turn all of this stuff into a headband fit for pocahontas.

aiden is pocahontas for the living history museum at school on friday.

luckily...a friend (thanks, k.r.) let me borrow her daughter's old costume...freeing funds and creative energy for a killer headband and boots.

i've been needing a reason to purchase these.

ever since her brothers were jimmy carter and harry houdini for their living history museums in second grade...i've been hoping that aiden would get to be pocahontas when her turn rolled around.  i mean...come on.  her braids will be perfect.  sally ride just doesn't give me anything fashionable to work with.

she can't wait to get all dressed up.  and her speech has been carefully constructed and memorized.  so we are all ready and waiting to make peace between our people and the settlers.

well...i better go plan for our last day of fairy tales in preschool tomorrow.  and then bust out a feathered headband.

not a bad ending to the day.

here's to beginning to feel better...and vick's vapor rub.


and my new mug filled with peppermint tea and honey.

now...if that doesn't put a smile on your face...

i don't know what will.

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