Friday, January 25, 2013

sand clouds thirsty soul was quenched with a visit from an old friend.  this is a friend that i saw on a regular basis until this school year.  we talked on the phone once a day, AT LEAST.  we saw each other most every day.  our kids saw each other every day.  and we normally hung out some on the weekends.

and then...both of our lives took a different turn, of sorts.

her family moved...landing our children at different schools.  and we started homeschooling...increasing my "hectivity" exponentially.

although i thought about my friend every wasn't the same.

when we would finally reach each other on the phone...or rearrange our schedules to meet for lunch...we would always say the same thing.

"i miss you!  this is ridiculous!!  we have to make this a weekly thing."

but life would take over again and we would slip back into busy.

we could no longer count on seeing each other and talking when we picked the kids up from school.  she could no longer swing by and spend an hour chatting before car-riders.  our girls no longer went home with each other to play.

i called my friend, the other check in.  we made plans.

i made a point to not schedule anything for today.  and she drove over after she dropped her oldest daughter off at school.  we had no make-up on.  we had no agenda.  we had breakfast...and lunch...and the best pitcher of arnold palmers there ever was.

two hours in the warm sun...drawing bumble bees and butterflies while sipping sweet drinks felt like what i imagine a good ole' fashion therapy session feels like.

and after i drew annslee...she asked me to lie down on the cement.  so i did.  and the clouds blew over my head like white, dusty sand blowing across the beach.

as our children were getting home from school...i hugged my friend and we both said,

"we have to make this a weekly thing."

and this time...i really think it will stick.

good friendships can't be taken for granted.  they don't just happen.  you don't get to wake up and see each other in the hallway at school anymore.  you have to be intentional.  you have to re-arrange schedules.  you have to make it happen.  and when you is better because of them.

see you soon, c.w.  :)

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