Saturday, July 10, 2010

basketball, movies and the pool

i love when ordinary days turn into memories. this morning, we all went to colt's basketball game at the y. chad was asked by someone who works there if he would coach a boy's team that was without a coach. it happened to be a team of 9 year olds with 1 slot left. so...even though it's not his "turn" to play a sport...he is. i love, love, love watching chad coach. it's not just because he is my husband that i say this...everyone says it. he really is good. i always tell him that i wish he could be a coach professionally because he loves it too. this morning, one of the other moms from our team said, "you must be the coaches wife" as i carried in annslee on my hip with aiden and chase by my side. i said, "yep! how did you know?" she said, "we knew he had four kids...and no one else around here has that many kids!!" i ended up knowing her from high school, which was nifty...but that's beside the point. colton is a pretty good ball handler, and he decided to show that off today with a fancy between the legs dribbling maneuver at the top of the key. my favorite part of the game was watching chad "handle" that situation. colt sat the bench for a little bit after that. he had told me before they left for the game that he had a special surprise for me during the game...and that's what it was. after the game i whispered, "that was great...but maybe we should reserve those types of skills for when you're in high school. or on the playground."

then, colt and i decided last minute to go see the karate kid. it was a good flick...but my favorite part was when colton held my hand when we were walking into the theater. he wasn't even embarrassed...which helped me to see the little boy that is still there. and boy do i love that little boy.

then, we went swimming at the club this evening and ate dinner at the cabana there. i was trying to convince the boys to let me fly them off my shoulders...but they were too scared. so i told chad to come fly me. he did...and lets just say that my sailing through the air didn't quite have the same "flare" that it used to. my form wasn't quite what it used to be...and my swim suit placement was questionable...and i ended up with water in my nose and hair in my face...which didn't really scream "fun and games" to the kids. in fact, colt's exact words were..."that doesn't really seem safe mom." i sputtered out..."oh's super fun" in between coughs and wheezes. i don't think they believed me. we didn't do that anymore. and i tried to avoid eye contact with the life guard after that.

i love it when days that start out with no plans end up being one of the most fun.


Laura said...

What does "flying off your shoulders" mean?


Giulian & Christy Giusti said...

All of your wonderfully-detailed stories make me so excited to be a mom (even the "I can't take this anymore!!!" stories) hehe

m.c. said...


i really think that is one of the best compliments that i have ever a mom, storyteller or otherwise. thank you!