Thursday, July 01, 2010

this week

it's been raining here for days. this hurricane alex fella is really making quite the impression. it directly hit mexico, and colton is quite confused on how we are getting so much rain from it. it's putting a kink in our summer schedule. we were supposed to be at the pool on tuesday...but it was cloudy and thundery. then we were supposed to be at the pool on wednesday...but it was rainy. then we were supposed to be at the pool this afternoon...but it was hurricane alexy from afar. so, i could tell the kids were getting bored when i saw colton and aiden this afternoon. i was sitting in the living room, talking to my brother on the phone when colton sneaks through...(unaware that i am even there) a white t-shirt, gray track pants, a black leather cowboy vest that he wore when he was 2, a blue indiana jonesish sun hat (gap; circa 1991), and a mickey mouse cell phone. i watched as he tip toed by and then did a double take when aiden shortly tip toed through after him with a kitty cat mask, black fluffy tail, while waving a sword.

i don't know.

i really wish i had it on video because it was one of those moments where i needed chad in the room so that i could ask him if i just saw that right. it is, you will have to take my word for it.

speaking of video...if i could figure out how to get them to upload onto blogger (i tried multiple times earlier and i don't know why it's not working) you would see colton looking super cute in his new glasses! he just got them today and he keeps telling us what time it is. apparently, he couldn't see the clock before...something we obviously didn't know.

and lastly...but not leastly, chase learned how to ride his bike without training wheels!!!! that little love bug is pretty proud of himself. i'm not ready to turn him loose to the streets just yet. we still have to remind him to look where he's going instead of at our proud faces. :) and he really only likes to go in a straight he's a one-way ride for now.

and that is this week, at a glance.

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