Friday, July 02, 2010

sweet pea and puddin pie

annslee's 6 month picture
(actually taken closer to 7 months)

aiden's 5 year picture

(i had reservations about having their picture taken without the boys. however...i have one of the boys around the same ages that is similar that i love so i decided that they could hang together and that it would be ok. and i think they will be glad they have it.)

i thought this shot was so sweet. they captured how annslee looks at her big sister with such aw and admiration...and how sweetly aiden looks at her little sister. i just love it.
*i do realize that taking pictures of pictures is kind of sketchy...but since we don't have the monetary funds to buy pictures for everyone...this is the best i can do. plus...who wouldn't want to see these sweet shots of our precious kittens?
*summer goal: get individuals of the boys and also brother shot and all four of them together. this my be more of a fall goal...shen chase turns 8 and annlsee is turning 1.
(that was more of a note to self.)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Precious!!! :)


Ashley Bischoff said...

I love these, Mindy! They are so girly & gorgeous! I love the
2-2s :)