Friday, July 30, 2010

a collection of kid quotes

a couple of weeks ago, chad was using the hose outside. when the hose is on sounds like a cow is dying inside. the kids and i were in the kitchen and after a while, even they were getting annoyed by the noise. all of a sudden aiden blurted out, "i wish daddy would turn that thing's getting on my nerds!" i replied with, "it's getting on your what?" and she said very loud and very plainly, "MY NERDS!" then chase said, "i'll tell you something that is putting on my nerds......" at times like this...i should probably correct them, however...i didn't.

when i was cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes, i walked away from the sink to grab a dirty dish off the cabinet. i left the water running. it was somewhat of a surprise when chase calmly told me to "please not waste the water." i was too tired to argue or defend i just said, "ok." he stood there a little longer watching me rinse the dishes and finally said, "mom...after you bathe your dishes, i want to show you something." i chuckled. to him...if there is water and soap's a bath.

a couple of days ago...i had to get out of the house. we had been couped up for days and with no end in sight...i made the call to go do something different...something we had never done before. my mom and grandmother were visiting and i thought going to a fresh fruit and vegetable farm would be fun. and the kids would see the crops and get to pick out the fresh fruits and veggies for dinner that night. surely this would sound fun to them. i stood up, and excitedly declared, "who wants to go to a farm today?" annslee looked at me with wide eyes...but my 9, 7 and 5 year old didn't even turn their heads from their ds games. i stood there a couple of seconds longer, thinking that maybe they hadn't heard what i said. that thought was interrupted by colton...head still buried in his game, saying, "yeah.....i'm not really in the "farm" mood."

we went anyway. then we cooked up a storm. then we ate, and ate, and ate to the sound of good music and lots of laughter around the table, where a.j. decided that she liked fresh sweet potatos and fresh pinto beans....and that she loved her grandaddy.

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Laura said...

Your kids say the funniest things. Looking forward to seeing y'all!