Thursday, July 15, 2010

story random

i'm not really a big "fashion" poster. however...i have to take a moment to welcome back the best piggy tail holder ever. i have a "thing" about hair. i can't stand to not do aiden't hair. i probably come by it naturally, as my mother would NEVER let me out of the house without my hair done. i even had to sleep on those foam pink rollers. i don't make aiden do that...lucky for her, strait hair is in these days. i just have this standard for myself that, as a mom, it is my responsibility to do her hair until she can do it herself. plus...i like doing it. why send her out with stringy, tangly, unbrushed hair when it only takes a few extra minutes to fix it. and let me say here...before i get a z snap from someone...that if she had a really sensitive head or was one of those kids that wanted to fix her own hair, i would let her. but she likes for me to do it, she chooses what style she wants, and it makes her feel special and cared for. so that's what we do. a lot of our do's involve piggy tail holders and i typically use the tiniest clear ones. however, if it's holding more than the end of a braid, they generally end up loosening by the end of the day, which drives me nuts. i've often wished that they would bring back the one's my mom used in my hair because they hold tight and don't slip. AND...BONUS...they hold a ribbon in place and keep it from slipping too. so, without further ado........WELCOME BACK, CHILDHOOD FRIENDS!

if you don't want the knobs to show, just attach them under the piggy. i did that with the one straggler i had left all the way through high school dance team.

i'm not into crafts. i'm crafty...well, a little...but the end result doesn't usually make up for the mess. we did make summer bracelets though. it was pretty fun and the threatening about dropping the beads on the floor worked. sorta. chase did pick up the necklace aiden made for me before i got it tied off and about 100 beads bounced all over my kitchen...but that was after the craft was technically over. i loved how it showed their individual tastes in color. mine has a bead for each kid. black for colt (he chose); green for chase (of course); pink-ish for aiden; and purple for a.j. i don't know what's up with my hand in this picture. i look like the crazy, hulk man. note to self.....lay off the p90x. :)

this picture was to capture a favorite summer game. they love, love, love to dress up and act out a story. especially chase and aiden. i will be shocked if chase does not end up in some form of entertainment. and he can put a costume together out of just about anything. it's a real talent. and source of entertainment. here they are playing "james bond vs. the villain, punkin brewster. (the other day, my mother happen to tell chase of my deep love, and somewhat obsession over punky brewster as a child. don't ask.) so, when creating his villain...he created punkin brewster. creative........right?? colton just needed to be in the picture to show off his new glasses. boy do they make him look older.

well...that was a whole lot of story random. it's the kind i do best.

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Laura said...

I really need some lessons on hairdos if, whenever I have a child, I have a girl. My cousins were just here for a week and I must (sadly) admit that I am lacking in the hairdo department. Come to think of it I had better learn because my older sister is due in August with a baby girl! You think Aiden would let me practice??