Wednesday, July 07, 2010

it's pouring rain...and other stuff

this afternoon, it was raining. shocker. i assumed the swim lessons would be cancelled, but it was just sort of sprinkling and passing then sprinkling again. so...none of this fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants stuff like usual; i was calling the y to get the scoop before we traipsed up there like a carnival act. (that's what i assume my brother calls me behind my back. he thinks having 4 kids is nuts and that my house is a circus.) anyway...they said that as long as it wasn't thundering that they would still have them. i called again...15 minutes before the lesson started because it was sprinkling and they said that they were. so, i went and woke up annslee from a very sound sleep and there we went. i got a chair, wiped it down, folded the towels for me to sit on, hung my purse and the diaper bag on the iron fence, got the kid's flip flops under my chair, and folder their shirts neatly in the chair next to me, got puddie's pappy out for her, and breathed a sigh of relief as the kids started towards the pool and annslee sat happily on my lap. now, when i say that all of a sudden, the sky parted and a massive down poor began in a matter of 30 seconds...i'm not exaggerating one bit. the life guard blew the whistle before the kids even got in the pool and chairs began blowing in and people started scampering everywhere. we grabbed everything is a very unorganized manor and made it inside and watched it blow over. the lesson only started 15 minutes late. at one point i think puddie asked why i woke her up for that.

we got home...(in the rain)...and colt showered while i bathed chase and aiden and then annslee. i got annslee ready for bed and fed her. then i began making dinner for the kids. they begged for pancakes, which was fine with me because chad was not coming home until late. so, i was busy making pancakes and decided to make fruit smoothies to go with them. i filled the blender with frozen fruit, vanilla yogurt and milk. aiden likes to stand on a little stool by the cabinet and watch me work. so, she was freshly bathed and in her pj's...standing there watching. i picked up the blender to go put ice in it, and i swear to you that what happened next actually happened and is not out of a hannah montanna episode. right as the blender was passing over aiden, the bottom fell off and every bit of it's contents fell out right on top of her head. sticky yogurt milk was covering her, covering the floor, covering the island, dripping all in the silverware drawer...the cabinet...into the mixing bowls and measuring cups stacked in the cabinet...the rug...etc. etc. etc. we both froze. aiden has never been in so much shock. this is where i had nothing left to do but close my eyes, look to the sky, and begin clicking my heels together. "there's no place like home...there's no place like home..." my case..."there's no place like anywhere else other than my kitchen." i stopped the flooding and took aiden and bathed her again. then it took me 30 minutes or more to clean up the mess. by the time the kids sat down to can imagine my response when colton said that the smoothie didn't taste very good. as soon as i put the first bite of pancake in my mouth, chase spilled some of his smoothie. he felt really bad and kept apologizing. that's ok chase. mommy spilled a little smoothie too. i cleaned up chase's little mess and sat down to eat again. several minutes later, colton spilled his entire smoothie. i cleaned that up and then sent them all to bed. now i feel guilty. and tired.

so tell me. what do you do when you have "those kind" of days?

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Anonymous said...

Oh mercy! That is some kind of day... it sounds like you need a day off!!! :)