Thursday, October 13, 2011

brain dump

yesterday, annslee had her weekly field trip to granna and grandaddy's house.  i usually use that day to grocery shop...but since i had already done that...i made a quick and impulsive decision to make a hair appointment.  and why do the same, old, boring thing again...when you can do something to totally change your look?  i needed a change.  plus i need to save money wherever i can.  we are in saving mode for the adoption.  and every penny counts.  we have to somehow raise $5,000 before we can do our home study and make no mistake...the money i saved at my hair appointment makes a difference, whether it seems like it or not.  hopefully God will decide to grow a money tree in our backyard or make church planters the new professional athlete or something.

a n y h o w...i ditched my natural blond for dark brown.

today...i did some serious cleaning.  fall makes me want to clean.'s not just fall.  but i can't deny that every time the seasons change...i feel like giving the house a good cleaning.  i feel better about lighting the pumpkin or cedar or storm watch or sun and sand candle when the house is picked up and sporting the faint smell of lysol.  you know what they say...cleanliness is next to Godliness.  i don't know who came up with that saying...but i, for one, think they really know what they're talking about.

i had a lot to work with today.

chad's side of the bathroom was completely out of control.

i don't know where this man learned to clean...but he clearly needs help.

look at the nearly empty medicine cabinet.  how much harder is it really to put the contact solution back in the cabinet versus the top of the sink?  i ask you?  what is the deal with this?  i just don't know.

but...i couldn't even clean the bathroom good until i navigated through this mess.  so i did it.

i know...i cleaning for him just makes me the enabler. sanity was at stake.


and then there was this.

i'm not even kidding when i say that all of that has been there for 4 days.

i get em clean...

it's getting them folded and put away that is the problem.


never ending...that pesky laundry.


colton is entering the yearbook cover contest.  he has always been especially gifted in i'm glad he decided to enter.  the theme for the school year is the i thought this was really clever.

i hope he wins.

and if he doesn't...i'll go all mom crazy and demand to talk to whoever judged the contest.

not really.

well...i guess i can't be positive on that.

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