Monday, October 10, 2011

Random October Weekend

We had a little visitor in our backyard the other day.  And boy was she welcomed.

I know, I know...we should have kept her.  But the thing about kittens is that they turn into cats.  And if I'm gonna have a's not gonna be when Trout is a puppy.  I mean...look at him.  Doesn't he just look like trouble?

Anything that sleeps like that, can't be trusted.


On finally rained.  It has not rained like this since February of last year.  So...the storm was pretty welcomed by all.  We decided to take a walk during the break in rain fall, however it started raining again before we got down the driveway.  I can't say that we minded.  I just love the occasional rainy day.  What a great excuse to stay inside...pj's and all...lounging around...enjoying a good pumpkin candle while savoring each other's company.  All we needed was the ingredient to make homemade pumpkin bread.  Too bad we didn't have them. 

So we made the best of it and did things like this...

and this...

and this.  Colton, Aiden and I decided to make an impromptu trip to the afternoon movie.  I just love that our family seems to have entered that phase where we can all be sitting around and I can randomly propose, "Hey?  Who wants to go to the movies?"  And some can say yes and some can say no.  And that's ok.  Chase wanted to stay home and play legos with Chad.  Annslee is not going to see the inside of a movie theater for another year, at least...and Chad was not really into seeing a movie about a dolphin. was just Colt, Aiden and I.  It was pouring when we got we got the added bonus of getting to slosh through puddles, run to the ticket booth with a sturdy 6 year old in my arms, and use a teeny tiny princess umbrella.  It was all very, very good.

There is something about movie popcorn that can not be taken for granted...nor duplicated.  I always struggle to walk that fine line of balance between gobbling it all up before the previews and waiting to enjoy it throughout the movie.  I'm usually not one to side with patience.  But I try.


This scene makes me smile inside.

Available at your local target.

Lemon smells great.

Trust me.

And this one makes me happy too.

This was right after she looked at me and smiled and said,


She was sticky all right.

Here's to a great week.


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