Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a post of frustration

is it already wednesday night?  how is that even possible?

i have been a little un-plugged these last few days.  it's been nice, i guess.  wait.  i'm lying.  i've missed writing.  but...sometimes it just can't be helped.

like when your husband takes your computer charger with him to cuba in order to give it away.  yeah yeah's great that it is going to someone who really needs it and i would have never said no...but it has been a wee bit hard to blog, check e-mail, and keep up with all the daily "checkings" that i am used to, being that the ole' laptop ain't firing on all it's cylinders.

so, tonight...when i remembered that i can, in fact, check e-mail on my phone...i did so.  i know what you're thinking.  how can one "forget" that one can check their e-mail on their phone?  i have a very good answer for you.  i don't know.  all i do know is that when i finally did get around to checking my e-mail, there was one from a spanish translator from our church.  it was obviously regarding chad and the two other guys from our church that were in cuba.  she had received an e-mail from one of the cuban church planters who had spent time with chad and the other two men that are with him.  it was in she copied it in and translated it for me and the other guys wives.  she said that the planter had said that he had seen chad and the other two guys on monday and that he could confirm that today they were with Jesus.


i freaked out and did that "panic-gripping the phone and scan the e-amil again in search of anything that would make it read differently and not mean what it said" thing and luckily i found the last sentence that i hadn't bothered reading the first time.

Jesus is a church planter in another town in cuba. 

geeeeesh.  i really didn't need that.  that's when i decided that any e-mails that are involving a man named "Jesus" should clarify at the beginning that the Jesus being referred to is not, in fact, Christ.



it's just been that kind of week.

yesterday, for example...i went to the store to get groceries.  the huge jugs of carlo rossi were on sale, so i picked up the burgandy.  this would last me forever.  or the next 10 minutes.  whichever.

i also picked up a 6-pack of blue moon pumpkin ale for uk.  he was coming over last night to grill and let the dogs play and i thought it would be the perfect addition to the night.

i got a serious phone call from a friend on the way home.  you know?  the kind where you don't interrupt for any reason, what-so-ever.  so, i pulled into the driveway with 10 minutes to get the groceries unloaded and the cold stuff put away before i had to leave to go get the kids from school.  i popped open the back barn door of the suburban and the jug of burgundy fell out and landed on my right foot.  then it shattered.  then it splashed and spilled all over the base of my jeans, my feet and the driveway.  the jug falling out caused the 6-pack of pumpkin ale to loose it's balance and fall out too.  it landed on my foot as well.  and it shattered as well.  3 bottles of the beer were salvaged...but my foot wasn't.  i reached down to pull the glass out of my foot...and that cut my hand.

so there i am.  standing in the driveway, covered in wine and pumpkin ale, the blood from my foot slowly mixing with the beer and  burgundy and running down the driveway.  the worst part was that i just stood there, listening to my friend, as if nothing had happened.

huuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh.  (that's a long sigh.)

there was no time to clean this up before having to get the kids, so i just swept all of the glass to the side so that i could back out again.  when we got home...the kids were all, "what on earth happened in our driveway?"  they are always so great to point out the obvious.  "you really ought to clean that up." 

so while i was on my hands and knees cleaning up little pieces of glass out of the driveway and nearby grass, aiden yells out the door, " ice cream dropped on the kitchen floor."

"of course it did."

that's really all i can handle typing right now.  i'm a little tired.  and cranky.  and there's a load of laundry that needs to be folded with my name on it.

i am, however wishing you all a very pleasant evening.

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allyaggie said...

Wine wasted would've been my breaking point.
Love you, and so does Jesus (Christ, that is :-)but I'm am sure the Jesus of Cuba would think you lovely as well.