Thursday, April 26, 2012

cowgirl up

i sit by candle light tonight...washing my cares away with a protein shake.  i just had to hold AJ down and wrangle her like a bull in order to get eye drops, ear drops, nose spray AND antibiotics into her system.  and let me tell you...flicka is downright pissed.

maybe you've noticed that annslee james has the most nicknames of all the kids.  they just seem to fit her.  puddie/ puddin cup/ sister/ AJ/ koala/ and the latest to catch on...flicka...are all used on a daily basis around here.

anyway...the point is...she has a sinus infection.  she was none-to-thrilled at the rediclinic earlier today, either.  by the time the nurse practitioner came in...she was a hot mess.  i think she may have even screamed at her to get away from her ears.  i couldn't really tell.  it was that high pitched...only a dolphin could understand language.

nothin' a little fro yo can't fix.

and a wish upon a fountain.

after that...she had her way with a mannequin...

and a store front window.  geeesh.

she likes to hang in my dad's old highchair from when he was little.  this highchair housed my dad, my aunt, me, my brother, my two cousins, colt, chase, aiden and annslee.  it's been around the block a few times.

she just can't get enough of this gal.  it's a good thing she just lives across the street...or we'd have problems.


my last trip out to the galveston county rodeo proved very profitable.

i got to watch the championship barrel runs...

plus i saw this sign that made me laugh.

i met my new barrel racing coach out there. heard me right.

i had my first lesson last night.

i'll keep ya posted on how that's going.  but i'm not gonna lie.  i absolutely love it.

cowgirl up.

* parts of this post have been deleted after learning from a good friend who is a houston police officer that it is not out of the realm of possibility for a picture of a sweet toddler in their diaper to end up on a website and passed around by pedophiles.  i've always tried to be extremely careful in what pictures i put up for everyone to see...especially of the kids.  and i really felt ok about those diaper pics...but i would not want to take any chances whatsoever.   it's a sad, broken world we live in.

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Cara Smith said...

Yay for following your dreams. Christian used to hug every manequin he saw. It got a bit awkward trying to walk through a department store.