Sunday, April 01, 2012

that's what i have to say about that.

okeedoke.  so...APPARENTLY...going out and acting as if i have been playing soccer over the last 24 years was a bit of a mistake.  oh...i went out...guns a-blazzin..and played full throttle, alright.

this is the before:

and this is the after.

i went full throttle alright!  i didn't even feel it happen.  i came home...all jazzed about being a real soccer player...bathed the girls...carried annlsee UPSTAIRS to bed...and got picked up by UK for the movies.  no problem.

about 20 minutes into the hunger games...i started feeling my right ankle hurting.  i started trying to circle it around and stretch it out...and that's when i realized that i couldn't really move it.  i told UK that my foot really hurt and he reminded me about that same thing happening to his foot after his last MMA fight.  he thought for sure it was broken...but then, a few days later, it was fine.  i sat there...trying to pay attention to the movie and it just kept getting worse and worse.  about 3/4 of the way through the movie...i reached down to feel of it and it was swollen up like a balloon.  i told UK that he had to get me out of there.  it was hurting so bad that i couldn't keep still.  i tried to see if i could bare any weight on it at all...knowing that if i couldn't...we would make total spectacles of ourselves trying to get outta there.  there was no way.  i couldn't even let it touch the floor without searing pain.  so...we counted the minutes until the movie was over (me because of how bad it hurt and UK because he thought the movie was super stupid) and then he carried me out on his back.  by this point...i was dying.  it hurt so bad.  i can't even tell you how bad.  and i couldn't move it at all.  not even my toes.

we got home at midnight and my brother carried me in and woke up chad.  chad took one look at it and we were off to the ER clinic.

the doctor took one look and said, "ligament damage."

he took x-rays to make sure it wasn't broken (it's not), wrapped it up and sent me home with some serious pain meds and crutches and said that if i can't bare weight by's off to the orthopedic for an mri.

yesterday...after taking 1 dose of pain meds...i was out ALL DAY.  luckily my mom came over and i remember hearing things like lunch being served...aiden getting her hair done for her soccer game...and chad doing something with the blender.

today...when i woke up from a medicine induced stupor...this is what it looked like.  thankfully, someone (my sweet mom) changed my ice packs yesterday and then chad did it again last night...keeping it iced for a good 24 hours.  the swelling looked so much better today (in the picture above) than it did the yesterday and certainly the night before.

today...i can bare a little bit of weight and it feels a lot better.  i don't think i will have to go to another doctor and hope to be back on the field next week.

annnnddddd....she's up!  i really wish i had pictures of friday night.  being thrown over my brother's back was a sight, i'm sure.  but...i was in no mood.

and i had the perfect foot rest today at a friend's birthday party.



as for the hunger games...i loved the first book.  the second was ok.  the third was hard to get through.  i was bored with the story.  i was pretty jazzed about the movie and thought i would really like it because i thought that the casting was really good.  i really loved lenny kravitz  for cinna.  liam what's-his-name for gale is good too.  katnis and peeta are cast well, as is prim.  however...the story did not go into near enough detail for me in the movie.  plus...i think the mother really under acted.  i wish there had been more character development.  my brother absolutely hated it.  but he had not read the book.  and it should be said that my opinion coooooooould have been influenced by the great deal of crazy-what-to-be-knocked-out kind of pain that i was experiencing through the majority of it.

and that's what i have to say about that.


Cara Smith said...

Man, that stinks! I hope you are feeling better.

I thought the movie could have used more detail too.

Cara Smith said...

Man, that stinks! I hope you are feeling better.

I think the movie could have used more detail, too.