Monday, April 09, 2012


sakes alive!  it has been too long.  now what am i gonna do?  so many pictures and little time.


first of all...eastertide has all of it's splendid glory.  Jesus has, once again, ushered in a magnificent display of season with his display of selfless love on the cross.

who would have ever thought that i could grow flowers?  i'm like a flower garden's kryptonite.  but lo and gardenias are making quite the statement.

dying easter eggs was taken right on outside this year.  it cut down on my stress level substantially.

the moon needed to be signing autographs on friday night.

a good, ole' fashion fort and a flashlight proved to be as entertaining as ever.

 good friendships grew a little stronger.

and shoes were scarce.

these girls rocked their soccer game on saturday.  so what if they were more excited about the after game snack than the actual game itself???  snacks are exciting.

sister wanted in the game.

the rest of the day was spent celebrating with friends in the happy, april sun.

the fire pit had it's way with the eater s'mores.

the adults got serious about the egg hunt.  the kids hid in our closet while we organized the eggs by color AND initials.  maybe you didn't know that egg hunting is serious business.

can't ya tell?

what fun would it be if the boys can't destroy something with a bat?  confetti egg baseball proved itself a good time.

these dresses were right out of sound of music's these are a few of my favorite things.

you may think that chase is upset about what the easter bunny brought him.  not so.  he was so excited he burst into tears.

we spent the afternoon with family...eating easter dinner, watching the masters, and taking in the splendor of the day.

my girls got mad croquet skills.

it runs in the family.

see those socks?  those were mine.  honey stitched the little flowers on them.  they make me happy on her feet.

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