Wednesday, April 11, 2012

just another night...

i'm currently listening to chase yell at colton because he thought that colt had stuffed his frog toy from the treasure box "down his pants."  annslee is asserting herself, quite nicely, as she is trying to see around their war to enjoy a peaceful episode of the barenstain bears on sprout.  and aiden is observing, laughing, and offering her two cents at an impressible decibel.  i'm listening to chad, trying his darnedest, to get control of the situation by making declarations of bedtime and brushing teeth...but it clearly needs the skilled hands of a mother.

my "perfect evening" experience can only be re-kindled by the image of 90 minutes ago.

the girls set up the hopes of a visit with the neighbors.  it appears...they are enjoying our visits just as much as i am.

they watched across the street...under parasol and setting sun, for the door to open and the sunset, child's play to begin.

and they delivered.

there is nothing like a driveway full of laughing and squealing children to wrap up the day with a nice, red bow.

and then there's the glitter...

this one is like the perfect, glittered name tag on the perfectly wrapped package.

we wrapped things up with some puddle jumping.


at some point during the typing of this post, i ushered children upstairs, monitored the brushing of teeth, found stuffed lambies that can not possibly be left to sleep on their own, whispered prayers and i love yous, and promised a certain 6 year old girl that i would, indeed "check the doors."

now, i don't even wait for her to ask.  i just say...somewhere between "amen" and "i love you" that i will "check the doors."

she just says,

"thank you."

i think that a long, hot bath is calling my name.  i have, like, 7 draw something games that are waiting for me, too.  i finished my book that i usually read in the draw something is having to suffice.  i keep thinking that i'm gonna drop my phone in the water...but i haven't yet.  that would be something i would do though.  let's just be honest.

if you think about can think of us tomorrow.  we have a big meeting with the principal, the diagnostician, the speech therapist, and the occupational therapist at the school tomorrow.

do you think it would be okay if i brought my flask??

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