Monday, April 16, 2012

phone dump

i love that i have a phone that takes pretty decent pictures and video.  it does cause me a bit of a problem, in terms of actually getting the pictures and video off of it.  my favorite way to take pictures is obviously my good nikon...and i pop those bad boys right up onto the computer, generally every evening.  there are many cases where i don't want to lug my big camera with us...and opt for the phone instead.  but my phone pictures don't like to upload for some reason.  i'm sure there is some button or setting somewhere...but i'v been unsuccessfully in finding it.'s a little more challenging to get them off.  feel free to shed some light on this situation.

two weeks worth of iphone photos creates a bit of a jumbled/confusing/broken story.  but let's be honest...that's not uncommon for me.  it's what my husband loves best about me.  right, babe?  really...the man struggles to pay attention to an entire thought.  he has tried hard to make e-mail an acceptable form of communication for us.  i'm not biting on it though.  and once...he even asked me if i could talk to him in outline form.  if something is really important...i've been known to start my ramble with,

"roman numeral 1..."

anyhow...all of that to warn you that what lies in your immediate future...if you chose to stick around... is what i have heard referred to as a phone photo dump.


they made a "get well mom" sign out of legos.  this was back when i bent it like beckham and landed in the ER.

that's me on style.

little girls at baby Scarlett's 1st birthday:

colton's very first time to change a diaper:
it wasn't even a smelly.  paaaaaalease.  he has a flair for the dramatic.  i have noooooo idea where he gets it.

he treated it like it was calf roping.


i woke up to this site...and nearly started crying:

she dug out my very first soccer jersey.  thanks mom...for saving everything!!!  i loved this:

i went to aiden's field day:

this particular race did not go well for her.

poor darlin'.  she is wearing her brother's shoes that have been through both of them.  now they are on round 3.  they have zeeeero tread left.  wasn't seeing that comin.


sister sports her bro's ball cap:

dairy queen finale to the day:

i'm fairly certain...i need this in my house.

and this beauty too.  it's a red stag.

and if i could just fit aj in this cradle....

we swing and talk and sing our abc's on the porch swing:

aj's first face painting:


UK, chad, and i hit the galveston county fair to see the rodeo and the josh abbott band.

we got pretty close.  close enough for josh abbott to give me a guitar pick, even.

it was a good night.


tonight...i'm taking aiden back to the rodeo to see the barrel racing competition.  here's a little known fact...

they have youth, adult, and senior barrel racers competing. 


dream big.

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