Wednesday, May 30, 2012

memorial day weekend

when i say, "i'm really busy this week"...i mean it.

i don't mind business.  sometimes i work best under pressure.

like today, for example.

i am decorating 21 buckets for aiden's end of the year class party,  making 4 cell phone cases for the teacher's end of the year gift, making sure that the kinect and snow cone supplies are ready to go for the 5th grade graduation party tomorrow, taking the kid's graduation books up to the school to be signed by the teachers, picking up honey and taking her to lunch, going to colt's basketball game tonight, planning aiden's impromptu, birthday, slumber party for friday night, and hopefully folding a wicked mound of clothes.  i'm not factoring in doing all this with flicka on my hip or dinner or the animals or the picking up of kids or the attempt at getting rid of some crazy, wet, dog smell coming from the kennel in our closet that no amount of bleach is seeming to eradicate.  those are all just bonuses.

anyhow...i thrive under pressure.

i also have a tendency to get a little cranky.  like yesterday, when i found a 1/2 full water bottle...from who knows when...tumped upside down in the dress-up bin upstairs and went all kanya west on the kids.  i felt bad about it.  but geesh.  can they not just do me a solid and keep the drinks in spill proof containers?

i'm fine until i come in at night...after the whirlwind of celebration and a house that could appear in an episode of hoarders.

i guess my philosophy for this week will be:

enjoy the last few days of this school year and go out with guns a-blazin.  sleep will come next week.  after's the end of elementary school for colt.  and that deserves my full attention.

memorial day weekend in pictures.  because...let's face it...

that's all i really have time for this morning.

while i tackled getting dinner in the crock-pot and the obvious kitchen disaster...flicka worked at her "station."

and this lasted a solid 4 minutes.  i'd say that's a success.

she fell in love with my favorite bear from when i was little.

apparently we are wearing goggles on a regular basis now.

whatever floats her boat.

happy last few days of school!  they should be something to write home about!!  

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