Friday, May 04, 2012

week out...weekend in

this morning, i somehow managed to talk chad into taking trout to the vet for me.  he now weighs 85 pounds.  i suppose carrying him around in my purse is out.  he weighs more that chase, aiden, and annslee put together.


i'm gearing up to usher the week out and the weekend in today.

not that it was a particularly bad's just that sometime in march, the weekends started to whisper summer.  and we are all ready for that.

it's hot enough.  thankfully, the evenings cool down and welcome you to stay outside well after dark.  currently, colt has a friend over and the afternoon sun has ushered them inside, where video games and the newest hip-hop song are evidence that older boys are around.

we've got a full one coming up.  there is cafe rio chicken in the crock pot and tonight we will ring in the approaching fun.  however, we will be minus one, 11 year he attends his first lock-in with his friends.  i remember church lock-ins.  they seem a little different now.  like..for example...we used to actually spend the whole night at the church.  i don't know who's idea that was.  that makes me tired just thinking about it.  tonight...they only stay until 11.

apparently, boo was just as excited for chad to be home as i was.

we all seem to be more tired lately.  i think it's a result of the cool, starry nights.  speaking of...the moon is supposed to be the biggest it will be all year tomorrow night.  i'm gonna have to take pictures of that.  it will be another late one, i suppose.

tomorrow is may 5th.  may 5th is quite the celebratory day this year.  it has lots of expectations to live up to.  first of all...there is the sweet girl's soccer game.  then...the kentucky derby, which i will be watching from a friend's kentucky derby party...big hat, and all.  (and we all know how i feel about horses.  and horse racing.  and hats, for that matter.)  then, tomorrow night is the girl's night outing to celebrate a friend's birthday, downtown.  these nights always end up with one of us stuck on the floor board of the car...(remember that, dea scogin??)

and when you combine a crazy girl's birthday celebration with cinco-de-mayo AND the biggest moon all year...

it spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

in the funnest sort of way.

i got to have some friends of the littlest kind over yesterday.

we have become a play dough family.  i'm proud to say that my "don't mix the play dough or i will absolutely drop my basket" obsession has waned a bit.

they approach their art with a little more flair now.

after the sweet pea finished this creation, i instantly began singing...

"sooooommewheeeerrrrrre oooover the raaaaainbooow...bluuue biiiirds flyyyyyy..."

and that was a good way to end the evening.

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haverlee said...

Mindy, I just found your blog :) I was laughing at your play-dough comment. We got it out yesterday (a rare thing around here in a house of wild and messy boys) and at one point I said, "I have to walk away from this table. I'm having major anxiety from all the color mixing!"