Wednesday, May 09, 2012


we have been diligently working through the week...and i can't believe it is already wednesday night.  i took monday off from pilate's for some much needed grocery shopping and laundry.  i hated missing.  it's kind of becoming this great outlet that makes me feel strong and capable.  but...the house and pantry contents were in a complete dither.  i think annslee was thrilled to not have to go in the kid watch for an hour.  she lets me know she doesn't like it because she gives me a dirty look when i take her in there.  and then she does some serious pouting when i pick her up just so i'll know, without a doubt, how she feels about not being able to come with me into the pilate's room.

and after finishing up all of the housework and errands on tuesday...we packed the ole' hello kitty lunch kit and hiked on over across the street for an indoor picnic and walk to the park with our friends.  it is only appropriate that i now call them "friends" instead of just "neighbors."

these pictures don't do the storm clouds justice.  they were so dark that we turned it on around and headed back home.

i don't think they minded.

this bunny is frequenting our yard, these days.  aiden wants to catch him and make him a pet.

don't even get me started on the black hole kitchen corner.  the pencils are all unmatching and dull, with half of them missing the majority of their erasers.  and i honestly don't know why this bothers me like it does.  plus...there is way too much going on over there.

i'm having trouble finding a good place for the pencils, markers, etc...

i want them to be where the kids and i can get to them easily...but not so "out there."

this has been an on-going issue.

any suggestions?


aiden is turning 7 on saturday.  i can't really even let my brain fathom this at this point.  i'm having to just focus on the celebrating and not the growing up fast part.

similarly, i am not letting myself focus on colton almost being a jr. higher.  the "normal" me would be sniffling and blubbering on every time i talk or even think about him graduating from elementary school.  but...honestly, i think i'm so ready to be done with 5th grade and get him home that i'm not even focused on the nostalgic "growing up too fast" fact.

i'm pretty sure that i have mentioned that we are starting homeschooling for colt next year.  i am so excited to have that time with him.


my last soccer game of the season is friday night.  aiden turns 7 on saturday.  mother's day is sunday.  i may just cry all weekend.

i've never claimed to be anything but emotional.

these types of weekends really take it out of me.  i better start preparing myself now.

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