Monday, May 14, 2012

rainbow birthday

this weekend was one of "those" weekends.  (and "those" was supposed to be a link to an april 2010 post titled "chronicals of easter" which didn't work.)  but please...if you have a minute...go there.  because it was a weekend that i think of on a fairly regular basis.  because it was one of those "rainbows and daisy's" weekends.

to be clear...i took 208 pictures this weekend. the name of keeping a blog post readable for people other than the writer or the writee (that's the people featured)...we will have to break this one up into 3 parts:

aiden turns 7; mother's day sunday; and the house that built me.

and trust me when i say...

there are nothin' but perfectly arched rainbows with all colors a-blazin' and huge white daisy's with perfect yellow centers representing this weekend.

so...please stay with me while...

aiden turns 7.

the boardwalk might as well have rolled out a red carpet for her...

as the people that love her most in this world came from far and wide to watch her make the 6-7 transition.

the boardwalk has been good to us over the last 11 years.  i remember taking colt there as a baby.  (here is where another link would be nice.)  i don't think it has ever let us down.

memories are made at places like this.  make no mistake...annslee will never forget that honey took her for a ride on the train.

whether 2 or 92...magic can be found here.

and let it be noted...that if face painting is ever a possibility...

it's an unspoken rule that you must experience it.  it's one of those things that you never outgrow.  it's magic at it's finest...transforming 7 year old little girls into things like fairies, butterflies, flowers, kittens, or puppies, in this case.  she was never wavering in her "puppy face" decision.

boys become men with rides that make mature adults squirm.

she received her first "real" Bible.

and did things like make pancakes all by herself...flipping the flap jacks and all.  (the flipping is what made her the most proud of herself.)

happiness lesson:  whenever there can be candles's best to just go ahead and experience them.

the same goes for long, flowy skirts...

and swinging...

didn't i tell you??


of the most magical kind.

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